Hi, I’m Asma Sheikh and Welcome to my blog Cookware Ninja which is all about Cookware and Kitchenware.

Before telling about the Blog Cookware Ninja and its Goal, I’m going to introduce myself.

I’m a 29 year’s old housewife with my husband and a sweet baby girl. We live in a small house in Iron Mountain city, USA. Cooking and writing is my passion. Since my childhood, I like to pass my free time in the kitchen and try different recipes for making delicious food. My mom helped me a lot to learn how to cook food that is healthy as well as tasty.

I have also developed several of my own recipes and my family member really loves to taste my new recipe every time. My husband especially loves my cooking food and he always inspires me for trying new recipes.

About Cookware Ninja

I always believe that good cookware can make my cooking easy, comfortable, and enjoyable. I use different types of cookware and utensils in my kitchen and I love to clean them properly after each uses. I love my cookware set (pots and pans) and take care of them properly.

However, I’m using Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Copper, etc. cookware sets in my kitchen. I love to use different cookware for making different dishes. And the interesting facts about my kitchen is, I have more than 10 different cookware sets and more than 15 individual frying pans, pots, skillets, Dutch ovens and much more.

Well, now I’m going to tell you the story behind creating this blog as well as the Goal.

The Story behind Creating Cookware Ninja

Asma Sheikh
Asma Sheikh

As a passionate cooker and knowledgeable about various cookware and kitchenware, my friends, family, neighbors, and relatives always ask me about various recipes. They also take advice from me about cookware and utensils when they need to buy a new one. I always try my best to advise them about the best cookware products. I also share my personal recipe with them and most of them happy to try my recipe.

As I also love writing, a few days ago, one of my blogger friends told me that “Why you are not creating a blog where you can share your experience and knowledge about cooking and cookware”. He also told me that, this will help to share your own recipe with others easily.

And you can also make some money by showing ads on your blog and recommend cookware products that you are using. And this will help you to make some extra money as well as help others by educating them about the kitchen.

And that’s it about creating the blog Cookware Ninja. So why I choose the name Cookware Ninja? This is also interesting. My 6 years old baby girl also loves cooking and she fell in love with some of my cookware set. When I told him to suggest some name for my blog, she suggests this one and it really sounds interesting.

Cookware Ninja Goal

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  • To help busy people by providing an easy and quick recipe to prepare their meals.
  • To educate people about modern kitchenware and cookware.
  • To provide an honest review of various pots, pans, and cooking utensils.
  • To provide cooking tips and tricks for making their cooking process easy and joyful. [/su_list]

There are several cookware sets (Pots and Pans) available in the market made of various materials. You should choose the right cookware set, pot or pan to make the right dish with no trouble. Cleaning pots and pans also disturbing for most people and if you use the right type of cookware, then this could be also easy and comfortable.

That’s why I decide to suggest the right cookware to my readers by reviewing them. I always try to suggest those pots and pans which I personally used in my kitchen or I have cooking experience with them. I also consider other real buyers and users’ reviews such as my friends, relatives or neighbors while I’m choosing a product to review. And the market trend is also considered by me as well as other online reviewers. I consider all of them because I believe that this will help me to choose the right cookware and kitchenware for my readers.

As a reader, you are also most welcome to suggest any cookware/kitchenware that I can review and recommend to my other readers. And you can contact me through the contact page or can shoot me a mail at cookwareninja [at] gmail dot com

What Makes Us Different?

There are hundreds of cookware & kitchenware related blog available on the web. But most of them overloaded with information. They provide a lot of reviews, buying guides and so many different options for a single piece of cookware, pan or pot. And this will make you confused.

But we believe in action and we are here to save your time and money. That’s why we provide actionable knowledge in every piece of our content. This will help you to make a quick decision on what cookware set or a single piece of utensils do you need or you should buy. And this is how we save your valuable time and money by taking proper action.

However, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to know more about me and Cookware Ninja. Connecting me with social media also can help you to stay connected with the latest cookware and kitchenware trends.

I’m also available on Quora. So you can also ask me on Quora and here is my Quora Profile Link.

And that’s all about me and this blog.


Thanks for visiting my blog.

Asma Sheikh

Iron Mountain, MI, USA.