Carbon steel is considered the best alternative to cast iron that provides much of similar properties at a lighter weight. Carbon steel is an effective heat Best Oil for Seasoning Carbon Steel Panconductor and it heats up and cools down faster than cast iron cookware. Moreover, carbon steel cookware is best known for its durability and with proper care, it will last for decades.

However, carbon steel pans don’t come with non-stick properties so they require frequent seasoning to be non-stick. But which oil will be the best for seasoning carbon steel pans? In this post, I’d like to share a complete list of the best oil for seasoning carbon steel pan. Let’s check the post thoroughly so that you decide which oil you need to choose for seasoning your carbon steel pan. So, keep reading to know more.

Important Reasons Why you need to Season your Carbon Steel Pan

It’s essential to season your carbon steel pan before you use it for the first time and also whenever you clean it. There’re some important reasons why seasoning is essential for your carbon steel pan. Let’s check them out to know more.

  • Seasoning helps to create a natural non-stick coating on the pan, similar in value to the Teflon that a real non-stick pan provides.
  • It also creates a barrier between the carbon steel pan and water, preventing the pan from rusting or tarnishing.
  • Once properly seasoned, your carbon steel pan will last for decades and you can handover it to your next generations.

Choosing the Best Oil for Seasoning Carbon Steel Pan with High Smoking Point

The main purpose of seasoning a carbon steel pan is to create a natural non-stick coating on the pan. In this case, your carbon steel pan needs to absorb as much as oil it requires. As a general rule, you should choose a neutral oil with a medium smoking point for seasoning your carbon steel pan. For the best result, you can choose oil from the following list to season your carbon steel pan perfectly.

However, it’s best to avoid any oil that has a distinct test and any oil that comes with very high or low smoking points. For example, olive oil cannot be used for seasoning a carbon steel pan because of its too low smoking points. But you can use the Virgin olive oil for cooking with your carbon steel pan.

Seasoning Carbon Steel Pan with Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is one of the most used oils that you can choose to season your carbon steel pan. Although this oil has a low smoking point, still is Seasoning Carbon Steel Pan with Flaxseed Oilconsidered the best food-safe drying oil available in the market. However, the Flaxseed seasoning process of the carbon steel pan can be done in the oven or on the stovetop. There’re are the steps of the Flaxseed oil seasoning method just for you. So, let’s begin it.

  • First of all, you need to wash your pan thoroughly and remove any protective layer or the factory preservative oil from the pan.
  • It’s necessary to dry your pan completely using a paper towel to make your pan ready for seasoning.
  • Now apply a very thin layer of 100% Flaxseed oil on the cooking surface of the pan with a paper towel.
  • Put your pan on the burner and wait until the oil starts to smoke.
  • Once the pan starts to smoke turn your burner off and let your pan cool down.
  • Repeat this seasoning process an additional 9 to 10 times to create a perfect non-stick coating for your pan.

Season Carbon Steel Pan with Coconut Oil

Another healthiest oil that you can use to season your carbon steel pan is coconut oil. If you like the flavor of this oil you can apply the coconut oil seasoning method without any hesitation. So, let’s do it.

Season Carbon Steel Pan with Coconut Oil

  • At first, clean the factory preservation oil off of the pan or any protective layer the pan comes with.
  • Let your pan air dry completely or use a paper towel to remove any access water from the pan.
  • Put a little amount of coconut oil on the paper towel and apply it to the entire cooking surface of your pan.
  • Set your oiled pan on the burner over medium-low heat and wait a couple of minutes or the oil begins to smoke.
  • For the best result, repeat this process for extra 4-5 times or until you get your required non-stick coating.
  • Your carbon steel pan will turn a nice brown color once the seasoning is done perfectly.

Here Are the choices again:

Final Words

In conclusion, carbon steel pans are definitely the great cookware items that everyone needs to have in their kitchen. They not only make your cooking and releasing foods simpler but also give your foods excellent flavors and textures.

Using the right oil can make it easier to season your carbon steel pan perfectly and make it naturally non-stick. Proper seasoning and re-seasoning not only make your pan non-stick but also keep the pan always ready to use.

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