If you are health conscious, you would like to get the alternative of non-stick cookware. A health-conscious person always wants to ensure the maximum safety of food. This is the primary reason for not choosing a non-stick item. If you want to get the better alternative of non-stick pan, this Blue Carbon Steel Pan can be your ideal option.

Blue Carbon Steel Pan


Definitely, we will discuss everything about the pan on the respected sections later. Before that, you should know some basic things about it. Right?

However, did you ever use skillet? Do you often need a frying pan in the kitchen? Most probably, both answer is positive for you. If so, you can try this hybrid version of the stainless steel frying pan and cast iron skillet. Yes, it is such cookware that gives you both advantages of skillet and frying pan.

We think you are excited. You will also be surprised after knowing everything about this carbon steel cookware. Just keep reading.

Why Should You Choose This Blue Carbon Steel Pan?

We just told you it is an alternative of non-stick. But we don’t tell you all other beneficiary features of it yet. We are here giving you all the essential information so that you can decide after knowing about it completely. Let’s move on.

The Dimension and DesignCarbon Steel Skillet

The appearance of the skillet doesn’t look precisely the same, either like a skillet nor a frying pan. But it is the hybrid design of both cookware. 2mm thick blue carbon steel is used to construct it, which is large enough. The height is 4.5 inches, and the diameter of the cooking surface is 9.25 inches. Definitely, you can assume the actual size of it. It has a long curved handle that is suitable for both right and left-handers. The handle also won’t heat up with the pan.

Heating Capacity

You may have used different cookware, which takes much time to heat up like cast iron. You might not have much time to wait always. At that time, you need such cookware that heats up faster and efficiently. This hybrid model is such an item that distributes heat efficiently and quickly. Just put the pan on the heating surface and wait a while. After that, just scatter a drop of water to check how quickly it has heated up.

Non-stick PerformanceNon-stick Performance of Made in Carbon Steel Pan

At the very first of this content, we told you it is a non-stick cookware alternative. In fact, it is much better than non-stick. Here’s how?

Non-stick cookware contains a thin layer of non-stick outermost. The layer makes the cookware non-stick, but most of the cases, the coating layer contains toxic material that gets mix with the food over the rising of temperature. But it doesn’t have anything like that. That is the reason it is completely safe for cooking even at high temperatures.

At the same time, you will get almost all benefits of non-stick such as easy cleaning, use of less water, and doesn’t stick to food. That means it gives you all benefits and safe also. Now, decide which is better?


As it is a hybrid design, you may want to know what dishes you can make using this carbon steel pan. Ok. Before that, just tell me what items you cooked in your skillet. It lets you cook a large piece of meat, chicken breast, fish, and all other animal proteins. Besides you can also cook high-heat vegetable in it. Having this cookware means you have an excellent Carbon Steel Skillet. Got it?

At the same time, the shape of this cookware also makes it ideal for sautéing. It is ideal for anything to cook just except acidic and alkaline ingredients, for example, tomato sauce and wine. Hope, you understand.

Heating Surface Compatibility

The first question arises from your mind after noticing this heading ‘’ is it induction compatible?’’ Right? Your thinking is absolutely right because most of the cookware in the market is not induction compatible. Don’t worry about the matter of this Carbon Steel Frying Pan because it allows induction cooking. Not done yet, it can also be used on gas stovetops.

Do you like to cook in the oven? Maybe you are thinking, why am I asking this? Well, it is oven safe for up to 1200 degrees F. You don’t see anything wrong. Yes, it can withstand at 1200 degrees F.




  • Heats up quickly and efficiently.
  • Provides non-stick performance.
  • It doesn’t get damaged by rust and corrosion.
  • Easy to handle because of lightness.
  • Induction cooking compatible.


  • Not ideal for cooking acidic or alkaline ingredients.
  • Color changes over time. 

So, Is This The Best?

You should think about the negative issues of any item before buying it. Let’s discuss the negative things about this blue carbon steel cookware.

The first issue is, it is not for alkaline or acidic cooking such as wine and tomato sauce. Now, just tell me, don’t you have any other cookware in your house? Surely, you have. That means it is not a great issue for you.

The second point is the thing that you can think about deeply. It comes with a beautiful bluish color that fades over time. After a particular time, the cookware may turn into either orange or even black. But remember, they will affect your cooking quality and safety. And the color also doesn’t look ugly. Except for this thing, the cookware is overall excellent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does the handle heat up?

A: No, the handle remains cold.

Q: Is carbon steel cookware safe?

A: Yes, carbon steel cookware is completely safe for cooking.

Q: Where is the cookware made?

A- This carbon steel pan is made in France.



Final Words

Blue Carbon Steel Pan is an excellent option of the nonstick skillet for any Kitchener undoubtedly. Don’t forget to season the pan prior to use. And use the pan with care as you know if you care about the pan will provide you better performance. And finally, clean the pan by hand as it is not dishwasher safe. You can type your query in the comment section if you have. We will reply.

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