Make your everyday cooking more exciting with Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 11 Piece Cookware Set. Like every other Calphalon nonstick cookware, this one is ergonomic yet stylish. It’s made for especially home use but you can also use it in your RV’s or other outdoor usages. The great thing about the set is, it includes all the essential items that one may need to prepare all the three-course of the meal.Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 11 Piece Cookware Set

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Recently we are researching some nonstick cookware which is made of safe materials plus good at performance. Finally, we all agreed to this Calphalon cookware set, which was best at making almost everything. You will enjoy making sauté vegetables on its shallow pan or make stew on the deep stick pot. There is some other stuff that makes the entire set worth to try. Unlike the different games, this one does not have a problem with lid shortage. Except for the shallow pan, all the pots and frying pans come with heavy-duty glass lids.

Why Should You Choose The Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 11 Piece Cookware Set?

The brand named Calphalon is one of the renowned names in the cookware industry. They have a massive collection of aluminum, stainless steel, copper nonstick cookware. You should consider trying the cookware for some of these reasons.

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  • One- all the pots and pans are well made — no issue with hot spots. The hard anodized heavy aluminum body lasts for many years of usage.
  • Two- the triple layer of nonstick coating is healthy for making slow-cook dishes. Also, it lets you use low fat to make protein items.
  • Three- cleaning all the stuff on the pans and pots are extremely easy. It takes spare time and effort to clean the entire set comparison to your usual cooking set. [/su_list]

All the Necessary Pots and Pans

The Calphalon nonstick aluminum set comes with daily essential cooking pans and pats that you need to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, or supper.

You will get from the set

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  • One Calphalon Contemporary Pan 10-inch
  • One frying pan with cover 12-in
  • One sauté pan with lid 1.5-qt
  • One 2.5-qt saucepan with cover
  • One sauté pan with cover 3-qt
  • One stockpot with cover 8-qt [/su_list]

The entire set is made of aluminum metal with the hard anodized layer. That is why all the pans and pots have got matt finish from inside to out. The handles of the containers and pots are made of stainless steel. The lids are reverted and stay cool so you can handle the hot pan/pot easily.

A Helpful Partner in Every KitchenCalphalon Contemporary Reviews

Most of the cookware has a problem with uneven heating. Because some of them have a thin bottom and rough coating of the nonstick layer. However, thankfully, the set does not have this kind of problem. If your stoves have even flaming, you will enjoy the cooking on it. The pans have a heavy bottom, and aluminum bodies spread the heat evenly and hold for a long time.

The glass lid of the cookware set is also a convenient option for any professional chef or homemaker. The caps are well fitted and keep the ideal pressure inside the pot. You will check the cooking without removing the cover also. The glasses of the lids are hard and shatter-proof. So, if you drop them, accidentally chances are you will get the top in one piece.

Futuristic Cookware

For every modern kitchen, you need some features while choosing the best cookware to use regularly. And yes, the Claphalon contemporary aluminum nonstick cookware has it all. You can use it one broiler oven, usual oven, and in the open fire. You may not use it in an induction cooktop, but it’s usable in glass stoves. Also, its dishwasher safe so in that case, you are free from clean it by hand regularly.

All the pots and pans are pretty tough and no problem with discoloration. If you maintain them properly, it will stay almost new in upcoming years. But we will suggest you that to keep the dishwasher cleaning occasionally.

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  • Teflon-free nonstick coating.
  • Even heat distribution for better cooking.
  • Apt to use on stove, grill, oven, and dishwasher.
  • Convenient weight makes it easier to move the pans/pots.
  • Well-fitted glass lids for easy observation.
  • Reverted stay-cool handles.
  • No hassle of cleaning. [/su_list]


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  • The pans feel heavy.
  • Need more oil to fry eggs. [/su_list]

Alternative Products

You can also choose from some other products like Calphalon Contemporary Hard Anodized Nonstick 16-Inch Roasting Pan. This one is a single 16- in a square nonstick pan with additional a rack with stainless steel lifter and injection baster. You can evenly roast a 25-pound of turkey in it very quickly.

Also, here is another option for home cooks if they need more frying pans for cooking. The Tramontina 80114/591DS Professional Aluminum Frying Pans are for every sauté and frying. You can use them in various cooktops plus clean them in the dishwasher. The good thing is the handles of the pans come with removable silicone sleeves for a comfortable grip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- Do the edges of the lid hold any water during cook?

A- No.

Q- Is all the cookware stackable?

A- Yes. Put a potholder between the nonstick pans to protect them while stacking.

Q- Is the set contain Teflon in its upper layer?

A- Negative.

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Final Word

That is the conclusion of Calphalon Contemporary Reviews. After all the research, trial, and errors, it can be said that this is the set you want for your kitchen. It’s suitable for daily rough use or occasional use for making a special treat for your nearest one. All three-course meal can be prepared for it. This long, wearable set is versatile and offers the best service until the end. From expert to naive anybody who knows or loves cooking will be satisfied after tried it. And one thing we can assure you, you will repurchase the Calphlon Cookware Set definitely in the future.

Useful Resource

  • Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Use and Care Instructions – Calphalon Official
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