Making chicken biryani in rice cooker is not a big deal especially if you have previous experience of cooking biryani. But what if you have zero knowledge about cooking biryani? Well, this rice cooker chicken biryani is one of the easiest electric rice cooker chicken biryani recipes. So anyone with zero knowledge can make biryani following this simple chicken biryani recipe.

Chicken Biryani in Rice Cooker

Biryani is one of the most popular and royal Indian sub-continental dishes. People love to have biryani on special occasions or even on a holiday. But preparing biryani on the stovetop is a little bit tricky and you must have some knowledge or experience. So that’s why I’m going to show you how to make chicken biryani in rice cooker without having zero knowledge or experience. Rice Cooker Pricing.

Chicken Biryani in Rice Cooker, Is It Practical?

Yes, it’s practical and can be made easily using different types of rice cookers.

When I search on the web for rice cooker chicken biryani recipes, I have found most of the recipes use both stovetop and rice cooker. They used a stovetop to cook chicken and rice cooker to cook rice as well as making the biryani.

But assume you are in a situation where you have no access to any stovetop except a rice cooker. Like in the college dorm, no electric or gas supply in the home kitchen or travel with a portable/mini rice cooker. And considering the above situation, I have only used my rice cooker to make this chicken biryani recipe. Rice Cooker Pricing.

How actually can it be made?

In the first step, you need to marinate the chicken using curd/yogurt and other essential spices and ingredients. Then wash the rice and soak for 30 minutes. Here I have used long-grain Basmati rice (Indian). But you can use any type of long or short-grain white rice. And depending on the rice, the amount of water and cooking time will vary.

However, in the second step, you need to cook the marinated chicken. For this, you can use any type of cooking oil or clarified butter (ghee). The cooking time of the chicken will depend on the type of chicken and the power/capacity/type of the rice cooker. I’ve used my Panasonic 730W Rice Cooker and it takes almost 30 minutes to cook the chicken. Rice Cooker Pricing.

Cooking chicken for biryani

Remember that, if you are using a close-lid type rice cooker, you may face obstruction to cook the chicken. Because most of the modern electric rice cooker comes with advance safety feature and they stopped working automatically when it’s get heated too much. So double check your rice cooker features and functions before start cooking. Rice Cooker Pricing.

Well, in the 3rd step, you need to add the soaked rice and enough water to make the biryani.

But you can also follow a different way to finish the cooking that I’m followed while cooking beef and mutton biryani in the rice cooker. And the different way is, you can remove the cooked chicken from the rice cooker. And then boil the biryani rice and also remove the rice. After that, just layer both cooked chicken and boiled rice in the rice cooker, add other ingredients like clarified butter, coriander leaves, etc. whatever you want to add in your biryani to make it flavorful. Rice Cooker Pricing.

Rice cooker chicken biryani

And finally, cook the biryani for few minutes and keep it in the “Warm Mode” for few minutes. This is also one of the most effective methods for me to make perfect biryani in my rice cooker. Rice Cooker Pricing.

Final Words

Following the above method, you can make the rice cooker chicken biryani only using a single rice cooker. But it will take a little more time than the traditional cooking method depending on how much you want to cook and the power/capacity of the rice cooker.

Also, if you want to cook chicken and rice separately and finally steam them to make the biryani, then it will be somehow troublesome. Because you need to clean the rice cooker pot after cooking chicken and boiling rice. Also, you will need a bowl/dish to keep cooked chicken and boiled rice that will be cleaned later. So to make the process hassle-free, follow my instruction.

And don’t forget to share your experience after making chicken biryani in rice cooker. Use hashtag #cookwareninja or mention us using @cookwareninja while sharing your experience on social media or you can also comment below.

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