A pasta pot is a widely searched item for people, especially those who love pasts. Of course, you can cook pasta in other pots. But the pot can cook pasta better than other pots when it comes, especially for cooking pasta. You know a special pasta pot can make your pasta cooking life easier and enjoyable.

Gotham Steel Pasta Pot

However, Gotham steel is a famous and renowned name in the cookware industry. They are especially well-known for their innovation and quality cookware. This Gotham Steel Pasta Pot is a perfect example of their quality cookware. That is why we have selected this pasta cooking pot for the pasta lover like you.

The pot is special for pasta but not recommended for this use only. Basically, it is a multi-purpose pasta pot. So, you can also use this to cook other kinds of recipes. Most of the time, people love any good quality products that have multi-purpose uses. It is such a thing.

It offers some superior features for its users. If you think the features are good for you, then you can think positively about it. So, let’s have a look at its notable features.

Why Should You Use this Gotham Steel Pasta Pot?

It is not only a pasta pot but also has built-in strainers. So, it helps you a lot while cooking pasta. The non-stick copper surface also makes the pot for effortless cleaning. And it has many more good options. Let’s go to the details.

MaterialGotham Pasta Pot

The material is an important fact with which the pot is made. The quality of the pot depends on the material, and heat conductivity also depends on it. The pot is made of tempered steel, and the base has a thick aluminum layer for making it ideal for even heat distribution.

The tempered and hardened steel ensures sturdiness, and the aluminum base ensures even heat distribution. If you love steel cookware, you definitely love it because of its material quality.

Ti-ceramic Coating

The inner surface of the Gotham Pasta Pot is non-stick. A superior quality coating is applied to the inner cooking surface. The coating contains titanium and ceramic. This coating is used in almost all Gotham steel cookware. The coating is naturally non-stick and doesn’t have any toxic ingredients such as PTFE, PFOS, PFOA, and any others.

The non-stick surfaces are often not safe for metal utensil, but it is. There is no restriction of using any kind of metallic utensil. Definitely, it is an extra advantage of any user, doesn’t it?

If you just summarize, it is metal utensil safe, healthy, and easy to clean as non-stick. That means you get all benefits of a non-stick surface. Happy?

CookingPasta Pot with Multiple Cooking Features

We told you it is a multi-purpose pot. As it is specially made for cooking pasta, you definitely get its superior cooking advantage while cooking pasta. But it is also good for cooking different kinds of items from vegetables to meat.

Not done yet, it can be a perfect pot for cooking rice, soup, boiling potato, vegetables, and fried chicken also. You can use it for cooking most items of your everyday life. Do you get the points why it is called a multi-purpose cooking pot?

Built-in Strainer and Stay Cool Handle

The built-in strainer helps you to strain boiling potato, peas, or other without falling them. It has a strainer on both sides, and the size of the holes is different on each side. One side contains a small hole for straining large items such as potatoes, and the small hole is created for straining small items such as peas. So, get the pasta pot with a built-in strainer and strain without any ado.

Besides, the handles of this pot are not similar to the other handle. The handle features twist-lock technology, which locks the transparent tempered lid. Just think it such a pasta pot with a locking lid, and the twist-lock handle stays cool even on high heat. Really, it is equipped with rare features.

Cleaning and CareDishwasher Safe Pasta Pot

The inner surface is non-stick. And you know the non-stick surface releases the food and other kinds of stuff easier than other kinds of cookware. So, you won’t have any trouble cleaning the pot by hand. If you don’t want to waste time for cleaning, you can also put the pot in a dishwasher. Yes, it is dishwasher safe. But don’t rub the pot with any rough metallic scrubber. Always use a soft and smooth scrubber to clean the non-stick surface.


  • Ti-ceramic coating is free of toxic material and safe.
  • The transparent tempered glass lid lets you see the cooking status.
  • Oven and dishwasher safe.
  • Metal utensil safe.
  • Built-in strainer lid ease straining procedure.


  • Lid handle gets hot.
  • Prone to rust. 

Is This The Best?

The lid handle gets hot over time; it is true, but it doesn’t get too hot. You can just avoid this problem if you use something to save your hand from heat. Just remember, you will have to use something before touching the lid handle.

A few users complain the pot gets rust but not within a short period of time. If you dry the pot completely every after wash, you can also avoid this trouble. Keep clean the pot, then wipe the water with a soft towel and then dry it. If you just follow these two instructions, you get everything the best from this pot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the pot oven safe?

A: It is oven safe up to 500 degrees.

Q: Is Ti-Ceramic coating safe for cooking?

A: Yes. The coating is safe for cooking as it is devoid of toxins.

Q: Can I use the pot for cooking soap?

A: Of course. It can also be used for frying chicken also.


Final Words

When you are getting non-stick cookware, you should be more careful about the toxicity of non-stick cooking. In this regard, it is entirely safe. It is sturdy enough, oven safe, dishwasher safe, and multi-purpose use pot. You hardly find such a pasta pot similar to this Gotham Pasta Pot. It is not devoid of any significant feature. Have you got anything which is absent from it?

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