A rice cooker is a piece of kitchen equipment that makes it quick and easy to cook rice perfectly. It’s important to know how to clean and take care of your cooker to ensure it continues to work properly. Cleaning a rice cooker is not so much difficult if you can do it with proper instruction. However, in this post, I’ve added a step by step instructions on How to Clean Rice Cooker and take care of it. With this easiest process, you can clean your cooker without wasting energy and time.How to Clean Rice Cooker

Safety Precautions

Before you start cleaning your rice cooker, it is best to read the included user’s manual. The following safety precaution will make sure that you clean your rice cooker correctly, without damaging the cooker.

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  • The most important rule with any electrical appliance s not to expose any of the electrical parts to water. The base of your rice cooker that plugs into an electrical outlet, should be kept dry and should never be plunged in water. This includes the hot plate inside the cooker that provides the heat when you turn it on.
  • To get started, remove the lid and take a look at the hotplate inside. Never try to clean the hotplate portion of the cooker until it is completely cool.
  • It is recommended to unplugging the appliance and waiting for at least 20 to 30 minutes before cleaning.

Steps on How to Clean Rice Cooker

Clean the Removable Parts of the Rice Cooker

To get the most thorough clean for your rice cooker, it’s best to wash each of the components individually.

  • You can easily remove the inner pot and let it soak if rice is sticking to the surface. Allow the pot to soak in warm soapy water for around 20 minutes. You can use a sponge pad to wipe off any pieces of food. If any stubborn food particles are stuck, use a plastic spatula gently to remove them.
  • After cleaning the pot, wash any included utensils such as the steamer tray, condensation collector, ladle, and measuring cup. Soak them in warm soapy water and use a non-abrasive sponge pad to clean them thoroughly. However, all of these individual parts of the easy to clean rice cooker are usually dishwasher-safe.
  • After cleaning all the removable parts, it is necessary to let them dry completely. Use a soft and dry towel to wipe down all the parts you washed. If moisture remains, leave all of these parts on a dish drying rack. It is essential to let them fully dry before reassembling your cooker.

Cleaning Lid of the Cooker

If the lid is detachable, you can wash it alone with warm soapy water and a sponge pad or brush. Or you can use a dishwasher to clean the lid of your cooker. However, if the lid isn’t detachable, soak a sponge pad in warm soapy water and wipe the lid with it. Rinse the lid carefully with a clean and soft cloth, so that water doesn’t leak into the cooker.

Clean the Inside of Rice Cooker

Use a moist-cloth gently to wipe off any residue from the inside of the cooker. To remove difficult food residue, you can use sandpaper or fine mesh steel wool on the residue only. Be careful not to scratch your cooker. Once the residue is loosened, use a moist cloth to wipe it off. Let your cooker to dry completely before putting the inner pot back.

Clean the Outside of the Rice Cooker

Sometimes the outside of the cooker can get food residue or stains on it, especially after a messy recipe. Gently use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior of the cooker if it has stains or residue. If you want to use a cleaning solution, spray it onto a rag, not directly onto the cooker. Be careful not to allow any cleaning solution to get inside the cooker. If needed, you can wipe the unplugged cord very gently with a soft and moist cloth. In addition, if any cleaning solution gets inside the rice cooker, wipe it up right away.

Allow the cooker to dry completely before reuse or storage. Use a dry towel to wipe the inside and outside of the cooker wherever you applied moisture.

Regular Maintenance and Care of your Rice Cooker

If you want to keep your rice cooker working efficiently and make it last longer, you can follow these useful tips.

  • Clean your rice cooker after each use. If any food particles stay on the hot plate until the next use, they’ll become baked on and may damage the cooker.
  • It’s recommended to use plain water or a mixture of vinegar and water to clean the inside of the cooker.
  • It is best to use your rice cooker on a flat and stable surface. Make sure that the cord doesn’t drape over the edge or touch any hot surfaces.
  • Never submerge your rice cooker in water. Keep your cooker unplugged when it is not in use or not yet ready to cook. If there is cooked rice in the cooker keep it plugged, in warm mode.
  • Make it sure that your cooker and all its parts are completely dry before plugging it into a power source.

Last Words

It is important to maintain a regular cleaning routine in order to make your rice cooker last longer. Finally, one more thing, you can use a vinegar solution to remove any funky smell of your rice cooker. Simply mix 1 cup of vinegar with 3 cups of normal water. Pour the mixture into the inner pot then turn on your cooker.  Once it boils, turn off the cooker and leave it to cool. Next, rinse the inner pot with water and let it dry completely.

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