Nowadays, Enamel cookware is very a popular choice because of its healthy non-stick surface, long-lasting heat retention, and heat distribution. Enamel cookware, in general, is cast iron or stainless steel with an enamel coating. Traditional cast iron cookware items have been using for hundreds of years because of the useful benefits they provide. It can withstand higher cooking temperatures which makes it an ideal choice for frying or deep frying.

Is Enamel Cookware Safe

The enamel glazing or coating on the cast iron cookware prevents rusting and makes the cleaning super easier. But what about the safety of the cookware, is Enamel cookware safe? In this post, I’d like to share some most important facts about the safety of the enamel cookware products. So, let’s began it.

What Is Enamel Cookware?

To produce enamel cookware, manufacturers use a base of cast iron, aluminum, or steel and cover it with porcelain enamel. There’re no harmful chemicals in this kind of cookware and it’s completely environmentally friendly. The enamel coating is durable, healthy, and non-reactive, so you can prepare all types of foods using an enamel pot. These pots and pans are highly resistant to wear, and a high-quality enameled pot will last for years. Check porcelain enamel cookware sets here.

Advantages of Enamel Cookware

There’re some reasons why you should buy and use the enamel coated cookware. So, let’s check it out to know more.

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  • Non-Reactive

The enamel coated cookware is safe to use for healthy cooking. Also, its non-reactive porcelain enamel coating makes it safe to cook any type of food including acidic or alkaline food alike. This amazing feature enhances the safety of cooking in the enamel pots or pans.

  • Available in Amazing Range of Colors

Enamel cookware is available in a wide range of amazing colors and beautiful styles. You can find all your favorite colors including red, yellow, blue, green, orange, violets, and many more. With these outstanding and eye-catching pans and pots, you can increase the beauty of your loveable kitchen.

  • Simple and Effortless Cleaning and Care

Another reason why people love to use Enamel cookware is its simple cleaning and maintenance process. This kind of cookware requires very little maintenance and care as it doesn’t need any kind of seasoning. Its non-stick layer prevents foods from burning or sticking to the bottom which makes the cleaning super easier.

  • Suitable to Use on All Types of Stoves

Enameled coated cookware is suitable for all types of heat sources such as the gas stove, oven, or grill. You can also use your Enamel cookware to store foods at different temperatures: in a fridge or freezer. Moreover, these amazing pans or pots can be used as a serving dish at your dining table. [/su_list]

Disadvantages of Enamel Cookware

When buying hard or porcelain enamel cookware for your kitchen you should concern about some important points. Let’s have a look over the bellows points to know more.

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  • Pricey Cookware Collection

One of the major downsides of the Enamel cookware is that it is from expensive cookware collection. When compared to an uncoated version, Enamel coated cookware is three to four times pricier.

  • Heavy to Daily Use and Cooking

Hard enamel pans or pots are quite heavier for regular use and cooking. Some professional chefs and cooks prefer heavier cookware items to be a part of their kitchen. However, if you like to use lighter cookware items for your daily cooking, enamel cookware is not a perfect option for you.

  • Fragile and Prone to Cracking and Breaking

Enamel coating especially porcelain enamel coating is relatively fragile and can be bent to chipping if you cannot handle it with care. This coating can be crack, break or shatter if you bang it too hard or clean it with an abrasive cleanser.

  • Lower Heat Conductivity

Another point you should concern when buying the Enamel coated cookware is its lower heat conductivity. Compared to uncoated cookware items, enamel pieces will take a bit longer to reach your required temperature level. [/su_list]

So, Is Enamel Cookware Safe?

Is Porcelain Enamel cookware safe or is Hard Enamel cookware safe? Well, according to the FDA, Enameled cookware is considered one of the safest options available. Unlike Teflon coated pan, enameled cookware products will not break down at high temperatures. Moreover, this particular kind of cookware doesn’t leach any harmful chemicals or metallic taste to your foods. This amazing feature makes these pots and pans a safe choice for healthy cooking.

However, some cheap-grade enamel coated cookware items may contain lead or cadmium in the glaze or coating. These harmful chemicals are most likely found in the cookware items that are lined with yellow, red, or orange pigments.

Is Porcelain Enamel Cookware Safe

Maintaining Tricks to Protect your Enamel Coated

There are some most effective tips and tricks to protect your Enamel Cookware and prolong its lifespan for years.

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  • Wipe away the food residue and wash it as soon as possible after each use. It’s an important step to prevent your cookware from stains.
  • It’s always better to clean your hard or porcelain cookware with warm soapy water instead of using an abrasive cleaner.
  • Use wooden or nylon spoon or utensils instead of using metal ones with your enamel cookware products.
  • Beware not to put a hot enamel pot or pan into cold water as it can damage the coating of your cookware.
  • You can use gentle cleaning solutions like baking soda or vinegar to keep your cookware in a good condition for longer.
  • Avoid using abrasive material like steel wool to clean your enameled cookware as it can end up scratching the coating. [/su_list]

Last Words

In conclusion, hard or porcelain enamel cookware is always a smart choice and can be a great addition to your kitchen. However, to ensure the safety of your Enamel Coated cookware, it’s always best to buy good quality products from reputed and trusted brands. Before buying cookware, ensure that the coating is thick enough which will not chip easily. However, if the enamel coating of your cookware starts chipping off it’s better to replace it as soon as possible.

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