Do you love Asian cuisines? If so, you will like this wok. Many Chinese Kitchener also uses wok for cooking many Chinese food items. Besides, the wok is also getting its popularity outside Asia because it can be used for cooking different kinds of food efficiently and very perfectly.

Blue Carbon Steel Wok Review

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Well, we tell you about the cookware type, but you have to ensure the wok is made of good quality material. There is one more option to choose from, but today we will talk about blue carbon steel. That means we are going to give you an unbiased review of the Blue Carbon Steel Wok.

You know there are many cookware manufacturers, but we choose a renowned and reputed one that is ‘’Made in’’. We hope you have a minimum idea about this cookware brand. They already have got enough reputation for making good quality cookware.

In fact, we also don’t have enough idea about blue carbon steel! Am I said, right? Let’s know about the material blue carbon steel at first.

What Is Blue Carbon Steel?

Carbon steel is not new in the line of cookware material. But most of the kitchen experts know some benefits only. However, carbon steel consists of a perfect blend of cast iron and stainless steel. It is made in such a way to make the cooking surface the same as the non-stick cookware.

Ok, we’ve known some about carbon steel but what exactly the blue carbon steel is! Well, here, the word ‘’blue’’ is the heat treatment process, which is better known as blue ironing. Primarily it is applied to make the cookware resistant to corrosion and rust. Thus it gives you better longevity. That’s all about blue steel carbon. Got it?

Why Should You Choose This Blue Carbon Steel Wok?

We don’t recommend you to choose any cookware with closed eyes. Rather we say to check all positive and negative issues. After that, if you think you are happy with their positive things and can compromise the negative issue, then you can accept that. So, let’s discuss all about made in carbon steel wok.

DimensionMade in Wok

Dimension is a very important thing, but most of the time, we don’t check it. First of all, let’s know its diameter. It is 12 inches in diameter, which is large enough. So, you can definitely use it to cook for your medium-size family.

The height of the wok is 3.75 inches from the bottom. That means it can be your perfect choice if you want something that has enough depth. The upper part is wide, and the bottom is narrow. The shape is simple and beautiful in a word.

A long handle is also attached to this cookware, which is 9 inches in length. The handle is curved upwards. If you think about the length, you can understand it is made long to keep away your hand from the heat source.

Construction Material

The title of this content also tells about the construction material itself. It is made of 2-millimeter thick blue carbon steel. The thickness is perfect for a cookware item, and it is lightweight also. It lasts longer and provides some benefits that are discussed in the next sections.


After seasoning the wok, it will be ready to cook delicious dishes. With this cookware, you can easily cook your favorite dishes from the vegies to stir fry. We’ve used this cookware, and our experience was really good. It cooks everything perfectly without burning them. Although, it’s not made of non-stick material, but you will be surprised to see its slick and non-stick performance.

Heats up FasterMade In Carbon Steel Wok

Somebody compares this wok to the cast iron items. Just set it in mind carbon steel is far better than cast iron in this regard. It heats up faster better than cast iron, and it distributes heat evenly. Its heat retention capability is not the same as the cast iron provide, but you won’t be disappointed.

Care and Cleaning

Definitely, you should care for all your cookware, but it requires more. You should confirm that you clean the wok every time after use in the proper way. Clean the wok as quickly as possible after use. You can use warm water to remove oils and residue gently. But don’t allow it to soak under the water for a long time.

Don’t put the wok in the dishwasher and don’t use any abrasive sponge. And don’t forget to wipe the water drips with a kitchen towel or other soft cloth after washing.


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  • Heats up faster than cast iron.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting.
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • The flat bottom design makes it ideal for the home kitchen.
  • Induction compatible.
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[su_list icon=”icon: exclamation-circle” icon_color=”#EE3322″]

  • The bluish color would not last long.
  • Not dishwasher safe. [/su_list]

So, Is This The Best?

We have already given all the positive information about this Made in Wok. If you think about the cons, you can make better decisions.

The manufacturer also tells in the product manual that the color won’t last long, which may turn to brown, orange, and even black. But they don’t provide any negative effect on its function and cooking safety. So, you can surely compromise it.

And the other con is it is not dishwasher safe. You definitely know, hand wash is always much better than washing in the dishwasher.

If you just can compromise these two minor issues, nothing can be better than this carbon steel wok for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can the wok be used on a glass stovetop?

A: Definitely. It is compatible with glass stovetop along with induction cooking.

Q: Is the blue carbon steel wok oven-safe?

A: Yes, it is oven safe up to 1200F.

Q: How to season it?

A: Wash the wok thoroughly at first. Then preheat the wok on high heat for about 10 minutes. Then apply a thin layer of oil and allow the pan on the stove for about 5 minutes more. Then allow the pan to cool, and after that, it is ready to use.


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Final Words

We don’t know what type of cookware you generally used. But we always advise you to get the cookware always that ensures your health safety at first. In this regard, our recommended Blue Carbon Steel Wok is a perfect item. It doesn’t ensure the safety only; you can use this for cooking a lot of Asian and Chinese recipes with perfection. Have you decided which recipe you will cook in the wok for the first time?

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