22 Must Know Cooking Tips for Beginners to Become a Professional Chef

There are lots of people wanted to be a good cook but afraid of getting started their journey. Because they might don’t know the basics of cooking. If you are one of them, then you are most welcome to this guide. You may try out new recipes but you cannot make them perfectly. Do not be afraid to try it again. Because we all know that practice makes one perfect. Keep practising with your dish, one day you will definitely be a great cook. To make cooking easier for the newer I have collected some most efficient cooking tips for beginners. Hopefully, all of the basics of cooking for beginners will help you to be a perfect cook.Cooking Tips for Beginners

Some Most Useful Cooking Tips for Beginners

Here are some simple cooking tips for those who are new in the kitchen. Check the post out to get more effective tips and tricks to become a professional chef.

Get the Right Equipment for your Kitchen

Simple Cooking TipsOne of the most important parts of the cook is to choose the right equipment. If you do not have minimum essential cooking tools you cannot start cooking well. All of the cooking kits like sharpen kitchen knife, cutting board, spatula, different types of pans and pots, vegetable peeler, measuring tools or kitchen scales and so on will make your cook easy and comfortable.

Set up your Work Space Perfectly

A perfect workplace can make your action more faithful and enjoyable. Set up your workplace or kitchen perfectly so that you can work here effortlessly. Collect clean tools, cooking and cutting products and all the things that you will need during cooking time.

Read your Recipe Completely

Cooking Tips and TechniquesIt is an essential part of cooking to read the recipe completely and carefully before starting. This simple step will help you to ensure that which ingredients or how much you need during cooking time. To make a perfect dish you have to follow the recipe properly.

Wear Comfortable Cloth or Kitchen Apron

Cooking Tips from ChefsPut on a cosy cloth like an apron whenever you work in the kitchen. It will help you to keep safe from dirty. Use rubber gloves when you cutting chilies, it will protect your hand.

Make your Own Pantry

Basics of Cooking for BeginnersAlways keep some essential ingredients in your collection like salt, pepper, vinegar, olive oil, eggs, milk, flour, sugar, and butter. Make a pantry for your own self so that you can find them easily whenever you need. You can change this pantry to suit your preferences and habits.

Pre-heat Ovens and Pans

It is necessary to pre-heat pans or oven for almost all types of recipes. Pre-heating the pans will seal the juice of meats slices and gives it a nice brown sear. If you put your foods on the cold pan that is not pre-heated your food will wet very soon. And the food will take too long to turn soft.

Prepared all the Ingredients before Start Cooking

Cooking Tips for StudentsThis tip might be the most important for all the cook and it will save your time also. Prepare all the ingredients together that you need during the cook. Having all the ingredients at your fingertips that means the dish will complete faster. Professional called this process as “mise en place” that refers to a way cooks in restaurants and professional kitchens. Before starting your cook, have everything peeled, chopped, measured, pan greased etc. within your reach.

Always Use Sharpen Knives for Chopping

Use Sharpen Knives for ChoppingNever fear to use sharpen knives during chopping. A sharpened knife is the most versatile and important tools in every kitchen. Avoid the using of dull knives instead of sharpening one. Because dull knives are more prone to slip when cutting which can make the chance of cutting yourself. When you use any sharpen knives in your kitchen hold it properly to avoid any kind of danger.

Use Paper Towel Preserve Vegetables

To increase the life of the vegetables wrap them loosely with a dry paper towel. After that place the vegetables in re-sealable plastic bag. Oxygen is harmful to vegetables, so that get as much as air out of the bags or containers before sealing. Wash your veggies when you ready to cook them.

Always Keep the Spices away from the Sources of Heat

To extend the life of spices, always keep them away from stoves or lights. Spices and herbs can lose their taste and smells when exposed to dampness and heat. Keep your spices in a dry, dark, and cool place. Never store spices on the top of the stove.

Do Not Use Old and Expired Spices

Do Not Use Old and Expired SpicesAlways try to buy quality and fresh ingredients for your cook. Especially spices that increase the taste of meals. Whenever you purchase spices check it carefully either it is fresh or not.

Do not Fear to Put Salt

Salt is the most important key to making food’s taste jump around on your tongue. Slat helps to make the perfect flavour of the dish. Add at least one or two pinches of salt when you start cooking and again add salt at the very end. Taste often your food to ensure the measure of salt.

Keep Tasting Foods

Keep Tasting FoodsIf you are trying a dish you have not cooked before, keep tasting the food every step of the way. It will help you to avoid under or over seasoning. If you have over seasoned food do not be afraid about that. Try to compound that food by adding little amount of vinegar or lemon juice to balance out the taste.

Do Not Overcrowd your Pan

Give your foods specious room in the pans or pots whenever you’re frying or baking. It is most important to avoid overcrowding to make the recipe perfect. Especially when you are baking or browning things that need to be very crisp like breaded chicken or French fries. If you overcrowd the foods in the pans, your food will start to steam itself instead of crisp or brown.

Rest a Wooden Spoon across the Pot to Prevent Pots from Boiling Over

You can prevent the pots from boiling over by resting a dry wooden spoon across the pots. The dry spoons will break the bubbles and get them back into the. Do not use a wet spoon, try to use a different wooden spoon from the one you were handling with.

Place a Paper Towel under the Cutting Board

It is irritating when you are in hurry to cut the things on the cutting board but the cutting board keep sliding. It could be dangerous also. Place a wet or damp paper towel under the cutting board. It will help you to keep your cutting board steady safe.

Sprinkle a Pinch of Salt onto the Cutting Board during Chopping Herbs

To prevent the herbs from sticking and flying all over the board during chopping, sprinkle a pinch of salt onto the board. The abrasion and weight of the salt will keep the herbs in place. This simple tip is most useful with herbs like thyme and rosemary.

Add Garlic to Food at the Right Time

Add Garlic to Food at the Right TimeBurnt garlic will turn your most well-seasoned dish bitter. So that it is important to add the garlic to your food at the right time. It’s better to use smash garlic that is less likely to burn in the pan. If you are trying western dish add the garlic at the end of the cooking process. Or if you are cooking Asian stir-fries add the garlic in the beginning.

Follow Clean-As-you-go Method

Clean-As-you-go MethodClean the kitchen after finishing your cook. Always keep your kitchen clean and dry in order to make food healthier. Avoid the piling every single kit you’ve used make your food into the sink to clean when you finish eating, embrace clean as you go method. Clean the cookware, stove and counters after finishing your work. Put vegetable trimmings and peels in one big trash bowl for easy dump and less mess.

Store Leftovers in the Freezer

Use the freezer to store all of leftovers. It will make your life easier. Frozen ginger is easy to grate with a micro plane and it also stays fresh for longer. Sauce, stock, and tomato sauce can be frozen into ice cubes. You can also store vegetables, eggs, milk, cookie and pie dough and can use them whenever you need.

Add a Small amount of White Vinegar When Poaching an Egg

Add a Small amount of White Vinegar When Poaching an EggWhen you are poaching an egg add a tablespoon of white vinegar with it to simmering water. White vinegar is helpful to save yolk from breaking and sticking on the pan.

Turn off the Stove before Eggs are done

This trick will great to eggs not to overcook them. Whether you fry, poach or scramble always shut the stove off a few minutes before the eggs look done. The residual of heat will cook the eggs to fluffy perfection.

Last Thought

Hopefully all of the cooking tips of this post will make your cook easy and enjoyable. Although these cooking tips are especially for the beginners, still any of you can follow to make your dish perfect. But remember one thing, to make a healthy dish it is important to keep your kitchen area clean and fresh. Wash your hand before starting and after finishing your meals. And always keep concern about your safety when you work in your kitchen. Keep all the cutlery equipment in a safe place. Make your cook as simple as you can.