Do you like Asian cuisine? If so, you may like steamed food. It’s good also.

Steamed foods are safe, healthy, and tasty also. But is steaming in anything made of either plastic or metal safe? Perhaps not always. The plastic cookware releases the toxic materials which mix with the food and make them unhealthy. The same result will come if you use the metal also. So, what’s the solution now? The best solution can be Helen Chens Bamboo Steamer.

Helen Chens Bamboo Steamer


The steamer is made of durable bamboo that doesn’t release any material. Rather, it helps to retain nutrients and keep the food free from any unhealthy particles.

You can start taking steamed food using this bamboo steamer even though you don’t eat any steamed food yet. If you want to ensure the highest level of safety of your food, you should get this. Keep your eyes below to see the reasons for choosing it.

Why Should You Use This Helen Chens Bamboo Steamer?

The markets are over flooded with the bamboo steamer. But you want to get only that item that can fulfill your requirements, right? Check the following points and decide those are enough for you?

Bamboo Quality

Do you know the steamer is entirely made of 100% bamboo? There are used nothing but bamboo. All-natural and durable bamboo is used to make the steamer. You know bamboo is heat resistant; that is why you can touch it while steaming the food. Some bamboo steamer comes with steel or metal banding, which gets hot over time. But this set doesn’t have such banding.

CookingAsian Kitchen Bamboo Steamer

It is not only ideal for cooking but also can be used for reheating and serving purposes. You may want to know what kinds of foods are ideal for steam in this steamer. You can steam any kinds of food here, but it is ideal for dumplings, vegetables, seafood, and even for steaming meat. Surprised?

Steaming is such a cooking procedure that doesn’t change the natural color of food, retains all nutrients, and a healthy method of cooking. That is why steamed food is getting its popularity outside Asia also nowadays. And in Asia, it is already a very popular food. So, you can add this Asian Kitchen Bamboo Steamer in your kitchen.

It is also widely used to stream different kinds of Chinese foods, that is why it is also known as Chinese Bamboo Steamer somewhere.

Safe for Health

Can you remember it is made of the only bamboo? All health-conscious people always look for the safety feature at first in cookware. A plastic utensil is not safe to use while cooking, and the plastic steam is very far away. The plastic materials are injurious to health, and they release toxic materials and make the food toxic.

Some low-quality metal cookware also releases some toxic ingredients which have numerous disadvantages to health. That is why if you can use anything that is devoid of any plastic or metal, it will be one of the safest one for your health. We are telling you with a smiley face that it is such a safe item that we want to get always. Got it?

Safe for Non-Stick CookwareChinese Bamboo Steamer

We’ve got the question most; is bamboo steamer safe for non-stick? Somebody also wants to know if they can use it with other kinds of cookware.

Well, you can understand you won’t get any trouble if you use this with other kinds of cooking pot or pan. You can use them as a water vessel.

But you are concerned about the fact that does bamboo steamer scratches the non-stick surface, right? Well, don’t worry about this matter anymore because it doesn’t affect the non-stick surface.

Cleaning and Care

It is almost ready to use just after buying. All you need to do, rinse the steamer in cold water and confirm there is no dirt that becomes visible. After that, it is fully prepared for use.

After using it, you should clean it thoroughly. Just use hot water to clean, and if necessary, you can use a brush to loosen dirt. But don’t use any detergent or soap. If you use soap or detergent, it can absorb fragrance, which might get mixed with the food later.

And don’t store until it dries completely.  Let it be air-dried thoroughly and then store in a well-ventilated place.




  • Made of durable and natural bamboo.
  • Ideal for steaming seafood, vegetables, and meat also.
  • Very healthy and ensures better health.
  • Keeps the natural color of the food and keep fragrance.
  • Compatible with most of the pots and pans.


  • Comes apart after multiple-use.
  • Prone to break in case of heavy use. 

Is This The Best?

Almost every product has very few minor issues. Sometimes they are considerable sometimes are not. Some users say different parts come apart after multiple-use. That doesn’t mean it becomes useless just after a few days. But it also true it doesn’t give you years to year performance. If you are searching for a long-lasting item, it might not be our best bet.

But we are not fully agreed with the second con. If you put heavy weighted things that is more than its strength, then it will definitely be broken. But if you just use to steam various foods, it won’t break. Make sure careful use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many racks does it contain?

A: It has two racks and a bamboo lid.

Q: How to clean it?

A: Use either hot or cool water. Gently wash the steamer, but don’t use any soap or detergent.

Q: Do you need anything more to use it?

A: It’s better to use either a liner or a place to prevent sticking food.


Final Words

If you want the highest level of the surety of cooking healthy food always, then this Helen Chens Bamboo Steamer is absolutely perfect for you. Plastic or metal can make cooked food injurious; on the other hand, bamboo steamer ensures healthy meals. Which will you prefer?

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