Electric kettles are handy ways to boil water, it boils water significantly faster and easier than a stovetop. Moreover, an electric kettle is considered more effective than using a microwave for the simple task of boiling water. However, when it comes to cleaning an electric kettle some people may have concerns about doing it properly. If you don’t have an idea about  cleaning these useful kitchen items you’ve found the right place. If you have an electric kettle and want to know the proper cleaning process, then this post is for you. In this post, you will get several methods on How to Clean an Electric Kettle and maintain it properly. Let’s check it out to get more details.How to Clean Electric Kettle?

Various Processes on How to Clean Electric Kettle

Cleaning an electric kettle is not that tough. You can clean your kettle effortlessly by following these methods. All of these methods will make your cleaning process easier and comfortable. Electric Kettle Price

Cleaning with Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is the most useful ingredient to descale an electric kettle and remove build-up from hard water. There are the steps to clean an electric cattle with vinegar Solution.Clean Electric Kettle with Vinegar Solution

Step 01: Make a mixture of equal parts of water and white vinegar. Fill around halfway or three-quarters of the kettle with the solution.

Step 02: To clean the interior of the kettle and remove difficult stains boil the solution until it starts boiling. Once the solution starts to boil turn the kettle off and unplug it. Electric Kettle Price

Step 03: Leave the solution in the kettle for around 15 to 20 minutes. If the stains are very difficult to remove leave the solution overnight. After that drain the solution out and rinse the kettle.

Step 04: Scrub the interior of the kettle with a clean cloth or non-metallic sponge. Rinse the kettle with water several times to remove any of the vinegar from the kettle.

Step 05: Wipe the inside of the kettle with a clean cloth and let it dry completely. If there is any vinegar smell left inside the kettle boil water in the kettle once again.

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Clean an Electric Kettle with the Lemon Solution

If your kettle manufacturer recommended that the kettle is not compatible with vinegar solution you can clean it with lemon. Here are the steps to clean your electric kettle with the lemon solution.Clean an Electric Kettle with the Lemon Solution

Step 01: Squeeze a lemon with two cups of water and cut up the fresh lemon and place the slices in the water. Fill your kettle with this solution.

Step 02: Boil the mixture around 20 to 25 minutes and leave the solution for at least an hour in the kettle.

Step 03: Once the water is cooled pour the solution out. Put a little amount of soda bicarbonate on a wet cloth and wipe the interior of the kettle. This will help you to remove the remaining hard water residue from the kettle. Electric Kettle Price

Step 04: Wash the kettle with fresh water for at least 3 or 4 times before you use it again.

Some More Ways to Clean Electric Kettle

There are some more useful ways to remove hard water build-up from the electric kettle. You can clean your electric kettle easily with these methods.

Apply Baking Soda Solution to Clean the Rust from the Electric Kettle

Another useful option to clean your electric kettle safely is using baking soda solution. Make a combination of baking soda and water. Add around a teaspoon of baking soda with the water. Pour the solution into the kettle and bring it to a boil. Allow the solution to soak for at least 20 minutes. After 20 minutes pour the solution out and rinse the kettle with normal water. Baking soda solution will remove the scaling from the inside of the kettle. Electric Kettle Price

Use a Commercial Cleaner to Clean the Electric Kettle

You can clean your electric kettle with a commercial cleaner. Find a kettle cleanser in your local home improvement store or supermarket or online. Mix the cleaner with water, follow the direction of the product label to mix it properly. Fill the kettle with the solution and bring it to boil. Let the solution for a few minutes to soak in the kettle. After that drain the solution out and rinse the kettle thoroughly with cold water. Wipe the inside of the cattle with a clean cloth or dishcloth and let it dry.

Additional Tips for Care and Maintain of the Electric Kettle

There are some simple and useful tips to keep your electric kettle workable and looking like brand new. You can follow them in order to make your electric kettle last longer.

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  • Clean the outside of the kettle every week with dish soap and water. Wipe the outside down with a wet cloth. Make it sure that soap does not get to inside the kettle.
  • If you are the user of a stainless steel electric kettle you can keep the outside of it shiny for a long time. Put a little amount of olive oil in a clean cloth. Wipe the outside of the kettle gently with it.
  • Empty the kettle entirely after each use, make it sure that you didn’t leave any extra water in the kettle.
  • Never immerse the kettle in the water as the heating section of the kettle is present at the bottom.
  • The inside of the kettle can get build up with regular use. This can lead to layers in your coffee or tea and can cause your kettle to work slower. Clean your kettle every few months to keep it working properly.
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Final Words

In conclusion, cleaning is an important part of the maintenance of the equipment. You should follow the proper methods when you clean your electric kettle in order to avoid any unexpected damage. Applying all of these simple methods listed above on how to clean electric kettle will help you to clean and maintain the electric kettle properly. Moreover, a clean kettle will be healthier for you and your family. So that always tries to keep your electric kettle clean and safe.

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