Getting ready to move into your first EVER apartment?

Welcome to the world of adulthood where you have to cook and clean, pay the utility bills, do your own laundry, get plenty of sleep at night and do 100 more things completely on your own!

As much as challenging that might sound, living independently has some of its perks as well.

You get to choose every single household item that goes into your new place all by yourself!

Unless you plan on surviving the rest of your life eating from a take-out box (Yes, we know some of you are already considering this!), the first thing you should do is to stock up on all the kitchen cookware that you need to cook some delicious meals at home.


Well, you should be! It’s time to go shopping and tick off items one-by-one from the kitchen essentials list we have prepared for you.

Let’s go!

What Do You Need In a Kitchen | How to Pick the Right One?

Setting up a whole kitchen right from the scratch is rather a daunting task, especially if you don’t even have a coffee mug to your name!

Don’t worry, we are here to help you with everything you need in a kitchen by providing a list!

However, we don’t want to overcrowd you with things that you don’t need right at the beginning. That’s why we recommend going through our kitchen tools list down below and choose the ones that go with your cooking style and purchase accordingly.

From basic utensils like Tongs, Spatula and non-stick frying pan to the special ones like Chef’s knife, Mandolin or even a Potato Masher, we have included almost everything we could think of in this kitchen utensils list!

Apart from the common kitchen tools names, you will find appliances and the latest kitchen gadgets in our list that will make your life easier.

For instance, instead of whisking your favorite cake batter for hours, you can easily do the same thing with the hand mixer that’s provided here!

Depending on your preference, you can choose to go for an entire cookware set or purchase each item individually. A set will most likely save your budget. However, if you don’t like the quality of the tools, its best to buy them separately.

List of 117+ Kitchen Essentials


  1. Chef’s KnifeChefs Knife from Made In Cookware

Looking for something that will help you disjoint large cuts of meat, dice vegetables and chop nuts with one single piece of equipment?

A Chef’s knife is the Chef’s essentials that is a perfect tool for the job!

The Made In Cookware 8-Inch Chef’s Knife features a special nitrogen-treated blade that scores a whopping 58-60 points in the Rockwell test.

The 13-inch chef’s knife with its mighty 8.5-inch blade weighs only 0.5 pounds. Sourced in France, the X50CrMoV15 model is made from a single rod of metal, which stays polished even if you forget to wash it every day!

  1. Paring KnifeParing Knife

A paring knife is best described as small, short-bladed, basic kitchen tools with pointed tips that are used for cutting delicate pieces from fruits and vegetables.

It’s no secret that Japanese steels are world-famous for their sharpness and the Mercer Culinary M22003 Millennia is a good example of why!

Along with an ergonomic handle and slip-resistant finger point, this 3.5-inch knife is super-easy to operate and comes with a protective finger guard for safety purposes.

  1. Bread KnifeBread Knife

Every time you try to cut through a piece of loaf, it ends up getting squashed, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s where a bread knife comes to play!

It comes with toothy, saw-like edges that help cut through any kind of bread with ease.

In the world of kitchen cutlery, Mercer Culinary knives are well-known for their stain-resistant Japanese steel blades and the 10-inch M23210 Millennia model is of no exception.

It’s quite impressive how easily this cutter slices through even the softest sandwich bread like a pro and still meets our budget expectations at the same time!

  1. Cheese KnifeCheese Knife

A cheese knife is designed to cut, shave, chip and form perfect cube-sized cheese from a larger portion.

For all the cheese-lovers out there, these 4-piece knife sets includes 2 rectangular-shaped cutters for slicing and spreading, 1 semi-heart knife for spreading and 1 prong fork for serving cheese on the plate.

Kudos to the manufacturer, these cutting tools are comfy to grip, lightweight and quite easy to wash and store.

  1. Dinner KnifeDinner Knife

A dinner knife is basically a large table knife that’s used to cut the food and push it around the plate whenever necessary. You can also use it to cut a big piece of lettuce leaf if the salad knife isn’t available.

As dinner knives are mostly used in formal settings, the Oneida Michelangelo Fine Flatware Set includes some floral, intricate patterns throughout the handles of its 4-piece silverware.

Each of the dinner cutleries comes in a standard size of 7.25 inches in length and meets your expectations with an affordable price range.

  1. Dessert KnifeDessert Knife

Smaller than a dinner knife, a dessert knife usually comes with a narrow blade and a pointy tip to cut through dessert items with ease.

Whether you just want to get nice flatware for your home or looking for matching cutlery to cut your wedding cake, the Reed & Barton 04230800 Dessert Knife Set is perfect for any occasion you name it!

The 18/10 stainless steel quality makes sure that it’s worth every penny you spend on it while the classic beaded border design adds a stunning touch to both the 13-inch knife and 11-inch serving spoon that’s included in the set.

  1. Butter KnifeButter Knife

A butter knife is designed with a blunt edge and rounded point to make it easier for you to cut and spread butter on bread during a meal.

Say Goodbye to the times when you had to wrestle with cold chunks of butter at dinner parties and welcome the all-new DIVIPAL Stainless Steel Butter Knife to your home!

The serrated edge, unique slots and thin blade help shred butter into fancy curls just the way you like it! The elegant design of the tool allows it to be used as a bread cutter, butter spreader and butter scooper as well.

  1. Steak KnifeSteak Knife

A steak knife is must-have Chef accessories for the kitchen that comes with a wooden handle and sharp-edged blade to help you eat steak or other fried meat quite easily.

Love indulging in the juicy fat of a premium-steak or crunchy vegetables?

Meet SKY LIGHT 4-Piece Knife Set, which is non-serrated, cuts right through meat without a tear and is hand-polished to a perfect 10/10!

The 4.5-inch straight-edge blade also comes with a 17-Degree angle per side to help you make mess-free cuts and clean it quite easily once you are finished enjoying your meal.

  1. Kitchen ScissorsKitchen Scissors

Trimming the fins of raw fishes is a lot easier when you have the right culinary tool for it!

Kitchen scissor is shear-shaped equipment to help you cut through flesh, such as chicken joints, fish fillets or fins etc.

If you want to tear apart the meats like a pro, then the KitchenAid KE351OHOBA All-Purpose Shears is the perfect match for you!

Along with a rust-resistant stainless-steel blade, you also get to enjoy a stable grip on this kick-ass scissors with the help of its protective, plastic blade guard.


  1. Knife Sharpening RodKnife Sharpening Rod

Even the best-quality cutleries get blunt after long-term uses and that’s where a knife sharpening rod comes to help you out!

Not to brag or anything, but Utopia Kitchen 12-inch Honing Knife Sharpening Rod has quite a bit reputation in this category!

Made of carbon steel and nickel-chrome material, the rod is easy to use with its comfy, soft-grip handle and suitable for being used on both ceramic and steel blades as well.

  1. Knife SharpenerKnife Sharpener

A knife sharpener is a tool to hone your knife’s sharpness by sharpening the edge of the blade.

Whether you’re left or right-handed, KITCHELLENCE Kitchen Knife Sharpener will give you the ultimate experience with its ergonomically designed handles and safety features!

Along with cut-resistant gloves, KITCHELLENCE is equipped with 3 slots for repairing damaged blades, sharpening the V-shape and finally leaving your knife with a polished look.

  1. Chopping/Cutting BoardChopping/Cutting Board

A chopping board is a flat panel made out of wood, plastic or cork, to cut or work on food and can easily be washed off once you are done using this tool.

It’s easy to get confused about which size to get as your first-ever chopping board and that’s why HOMWE presents a 3-set Kitchen Cutting Board to help you prep for multi-course meals at the same time!

Made out of heavy-duty plastic, this BPA- and Latex-free chopping surface comes with non-slip handles and can take a heavy beating while discarding any foul odor that may come with raw ingredients.

  1. Serving Tray With HandleServing Tray With Handle

A serving tray is most commonly used when you give someone breakfast in bed! It’s basically used for carrying food and beverages.

The Greenco Serving Tray is quite an elegant-looking tray that’s perfect for serving breakfast, dinner or a picnic in a lazy afternoon!

The environment-enthusiasts will LOVE this one as it’s entirely made of natural bamboo. Featuring wide handles, the tray is easy to hold and meant to be hand-washed only.

  1. Wood Serving BoardWood Serving Board

The serving board is one of the best kitchen accessories for serving or preparing/chopping raw ingredients while cooking a meal.

The Serving Board from ROYAL CRAFT WOOD can be used as both a chopping board and a serving tray as it comes with two extra-large handles on both sides as a bonus!

Made from good-quality bamboo material, the board doesn’t get scratched and keeps it mess-free with the help of its built-in groove hole.

  1. Cooling RackCooling Rack

A cooling rack is the most useful kitchen tool that used to keep baked goods on top of it so that it can air-dry themselves naturally.

Although there are cheaper alternatives available on the market, we suggest using the Ultra Cuisine Wire Rack as it’s made of 100% stainless steel and therefore doesn’t get corroded over time!

With 1-inch height and small holes, it ensures the food on top gets plenty of air circulation from all sides and cools off quickly.

  1. Kitchen TowelsKitchen Towels

Kitchen towels are just like the regular bath towel that you use every day but they are essential kitchen things. Also, they are a bit tougher in terms of durability.

One quality that a kitchen towel must possess is the ability to absorb water quickly and the Sticky Toffee Terry Kitchen Dishcloth is pretty good at this job!

Made out of pure cotton, these dishcloths come in a set of 8 and can easily be washed by hand or machine.

  1. NapkinsNapkins

Napkins are essential for formal dinner settings. It’s a rectangular-shaped piece of cloth that’s used for wiping fingers or mouth while you eat.

Made of 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester, Utopia Kitchen Cloth Napkins come in a set of 12 packs, where each of them is of 18X18-inch in size. These dinner napkins are elegant and classy enough to be used in a wedding reception, restaurant, banquet, hotel etc.

  1. PotholdersPotholders

Potholders refer to the thick piece of fabric that’s used for holding a hot pot or pan.

When it comes to protecting your hands from burns, OXO Silicone Potholders are the best ones for you! Available in Teal, Sage, Red, Grey, Navy, Eggplant and Black, you can choose your favorite color from this collection.

This non-slip gloves also feature a pocket on the backside to put your hands safely inside it.

  1. Oven GlovesOven Gloves

An oven glove helps protect your hand from getting burned by hot objects in the kitchen, such as oven, hot cookware, stoves etc.

When it comes to giving, HOMEWE believes in going the extra mile! And that’s why the HOMEWE Oven Mitt comes with a whacking 14.7-inch length to protect your hands up to wrists!

The silicone mitts are waterproof and have a non-skid, breathable layer all over its surface.

  1. TrivetTrivet

Trivet is a stand or support to place hot kitchenware on top of it so that it doesn’t burn your kitchen countertop!

If you are a fan of intricate designs and patterns, then you will love the ME.FAN Silicone Trivet 3-piece Mat Set, which is made of 100% food-grade material, BPA-free and FDA-approved.

This environment-friendly product can be cleaned by a dishwasher and can bear high temperature up to 482-Degree Fahrenheit quite easily.

  1. Splatter GuardSplatter Guard

A splatter guard is a lid for covering a frying pan or pot while it’s on the stovetop to prevent oil from spitting on your skin.

The Grease Splatter Screen from BergKoch is a steamer, strainer, cooling rack and a splatter guard all at the same time!

The 15-inch screen is wide enough to cover most standard-sized frying pans and protects your skin from injurious burns by preventing 97% of hot oil splash.

  1. Sponges (Heavy And Light)Sponges

Kitchen sponges are made with water-absorbent properties and therefore, can clean kitchen surfaces or dishes with ease.

If you don’t want your expensive dinner set to get an ugly scratch mark by accident, then it’s best to invest in a good-quality sponge-like Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge that protects all surfaces while working.

You can easily wash the sponge in the dishwasher and reuse it as many times as you want!

  1. Kitchen Soap/Cookware CleanerKitchen Soap/Cookware Cleaner

Using a cookware cleaner not only helps remove food particles from your plate but also, gives the utensils a nice, polished look as well.

A true environmentalist finds eco-friendly products everywhere. And Mrs. Meyer’s Liquid Dish Soap is one of them!

The lemon-scented soap gives your dishes a light, citrus scent and makes all the grease go poof in an instant!

The 16-Oz soap is free of parabens and other harmful chemicals.

  1. Paper Towel HolderPaper Towel Holder

Towels are must-have items in a kitchen checklist. Instead of stacking them up in a pile, it’s best to use a paper towel holder for this purpose.

Kamenstein 4554ASB Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder is perfect for those who have a compact kitchen because of its small size. Equipped with “Perfect Tear Technology”, the holder helps you tear every piece without toppling the whole roll by mistake.

  1. Dish RackDish Rack

A dish rack is used for keeping dishes and cookware in a way so that they can get air-dried pretty quickly.

If you want your dish rack looks as good as the very first day, then the Simple Human Kitchen Steel Frame Dish Rack is your best bet as it comes with a rust-proof coating that keeps it shiny for a long time!

It also features an innovative drainage mechanism directing the dripping water into the sink.

  1. Ice Cube TrayIce Cube Tray

An ice-cube tray is designed in small square-shaped boxes to store liquid like water, herb, tea, fruit juice and turn them into cute little ice cubes!

To enjoy this summer, even more, we suggest taking a look at Samuelworld Ice Cube Tray, which is big enough to accommodate 8 pieces of large ice-cubes at a time!

The tray is microwave-, dishwasher-friendly and meets U.S. FDA approval for safety purposes.

Food Preparation Equipment

  1. Vegetable PeelerVegetable Peeler

A vegetable peeler is a tool that’s used for removing the outer layer of fruits and vegetables with the help of a sharp metal blade. This is one of the must have kitchen tools for vegetarians and food lovers.

While the average peelers end up getting clogged with leftover peels, the Spring Chef Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler uses smooth glide technology to prevent that!

Along with its built-in blemish remover, the tool is also lightweight, easy to use and comfortable for even people with arthritis.

  1. Garlic PressGarlic Press

A garlic press should be in your basic kitchen needs list that designed in a way to crush cloves of garlic through a small opening, usually, by a certain type of piston.

One thing that a garlic crusher must possess is “Power”. And that’s what the OXO Garlic Press promises us to give with its heavy-duty, die-cast zinc construction!

Not only this tool comes with a large-capacity chamber for holding garlic, but it also features a built-in cleaner to push the peels out of it after each session.

  1. GraterGrater

A shredding device that’s covered with holes to help cut cheese and other food items into small, fine particles is called a Grater.

If you like to have total control over what you are doing, then the Cuisinart CTG-00-BG Boxed Grater should be your go-to item in this case.

The box grater features a black plastic handle on top that helps you grip on the device comfortably while you are working and a non-slip base that resists tipping over the counter even when you are trying to shred cheese like a maniac!

  1. ZesterZester

A zester is a device designed to shave bits and pieces from the peel of citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons or limes etc.

Looking for something that can shred cheese, zest lemons, peel ginger and garlic, make fine chocolate shavings all with one single tool?

The Deiss PRO Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater says hello to you!

With a stainless-steel blade, non-slip handle and uniquely-curved sides, you can apply as much force as you want with Deiss Zester and flavor your dishes with restaurant-style fine pieces as well.

  1. MandolinMandolin

Mandolin is a slicing tool that can make different types of cuts, like, julienne, wavy or waffle-shaped pieces out of a large portion of fruits or vegetables.

If your kitchen space is a little compact, then we suggest using the Prep Naturals 3-in-1 Adjustable Mandolin, which can fit into any tight corner on the countertop quite easily and helps you slice, grate and julienne any ingredients you want!

To keep you secure while you are using this spiralizer, the manufacturer also includes a finger-guard and protective gloves for safety purposes.

  1. Fish TurnerFish Turner

While frying a whole fish or making a fish-fillet, you need a spatula-shaped spoon to turn the fish, which is called a fish turner.

The OXO Fish Turner comes with a stainless-steel head and a beveled edge that can flip even the largest fish your skillet can accommodate!

Along with the comfy handle, you also get a slotted head that helps drain oil from the fried items before serving it hot on your plate!

  1. Can OpenerCan Opener

Nothing feels more frustrating than not being able to open a can of food!

And that’s why a can opener is an integral part of every kitchen.

Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Electric Can Opener is all you need if you are currently struggling to open a canned salmon or a pop-top from your soda!

Along with its easy-touch opening lever system, it also looks quite stylish and complements your home décor with its black and silver design.

  1. Bottle OpenerBottle Opener

A bottle opener is a device that’s designed in a way to remove metal caps off from a bottle quite easily.

Whether you are celebrating good news or just treating yourself with a drink after work, a bottle opener like KTOJOY comes in handy in both situations!

Sturdy, made of steel, the 7-inch long bottle opener has a vinyl rubber coat on its topmost layer to protect itself from scratch or getting dinged.

  1. Pizza CutterPizza Cutter

The name says it all and important kitchen necessities for pizza lovers!

It’s a tool to cut clean slices from your favorite pizza!

These days everyone likes devices that can easily fit into their palms and the Kitchy Pizza Cutter is exactly around that size!

Even though it’s a tiny device, it cuts like a champ and offers a clean slice every time you use it. It’s also kid-friendly as it comes with a protective finger-guard which is easy to operate.

  1. CorkscrewCorkscrew

Corkscrew behaves almost like a bottle opener, except it helps to pull corks from bottles by moving in a spiral motion.

If you want a corkscrew, bottle opener and a foil cutter all in one package, then the Corkscrew from HiCoup Kitchenware would be the perfect match for you!

Made from heavy-duty stainless steel, the corkscrew can undo any bottle topper with only 5 turns! With the serrated knife blade, you can also cut through any foil packaging quite easily.

  1. MasherMasher

A masher is a small device for crushing food ingredients e.g. Potato, Vegetables, Fruits etc.

We all know how the masher just keeps slipping when we are in a hurry and spinning the device like a maniac, right?

Well, that’s not the case for OXO Stainless-Steel Potato Masher!

It comes with a cushioned handle that absorbs pressure and lets you off the hook! Also, the broad wire head of the device helps to work comfortably in any standard-size pot or bowl.

  1. Balloon WhiskBalloon Whisk

A balloon whisk is used to increase the airflow into the foods that need to get stirred like egg whites, sauce, cream etc.

If you want a professional-style whish in your kitchen, then take a look at the OXO 11-inch Balloon Whisk, which is perfect for fitting inside a small bowl or container.

The unique teardrop-shaped handle is comfortable to hold on and is non-slip even when your hands are wet.

  1. Pastry Brush/Basting BrushPastry Brush/Basting Brush

A basting brush is typically used to spread butter, oil or glaze on food to bring more flavor out of it.

A roast looks good only when its marinated with an appropriate sauce and the RWM Basting Brush is the perfect tool for that!

The brush features a stainless-steel body and silicone brush head on top. The bristles are constructed in a way so that they don’t fall off on your food by accident.

  1. Kitchen ThermometerKitchen Thermometer

Ever eaten an undercooked chicken in your life?

Well, that wouldn’t have happened if you had a thermometer, which is used to measure the internal temperature of food accurately and determine if it’s properly cooked!

The ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Thermometer is the perfect addition to your kitchen as it comes with a large LCD screen that displays both the oven and meat temperatures at the same time! You can monitor your food up to 300-feet with this tool.

  1. Kitchen ScaleKitchen Scale

A Kitchen scale is a measuring device to determine the weight of the ingredients that go into your food.

With 1-Gram resolution and 11-Pound capacity, the GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale is a good catch for you if you are looking for a simple, easy-to-read scale in a considerably reasonable price range.

  1. Plastic Wrap/ClingfilmPlastic Wrap/Clingfilm

Clingfilm is a thin, plastic sheet that wraps itself around food and is one of the minimalist kitchen essentials as it eliminates the need for purchasing lids!

Unlike the flimsy ones available in the market, the ChicWrap Plastic Wrap Dispenser with Slide Cutter is made of professional-grade materials that are both BPA-free and anti-skid at the same time.

Needless to say, the container adds a nice, cheerful touch to your interior with its happy, sunflower-themed design!

  1. Kitchen FoilKitchen Foil

Want to keep your food free from bacteria and moisture?

Wrap it up in an aluminum foil and keep it fresh and warm for the longest time!

It’s hard to get a smooth cut out of the foil without getting it ripped and that’s why the Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil even includes a built-in cutting blade inside the box for your convenience.

The foil measures about 200-feet in length and is 12-inch in width.

  1. Baking Parchment PaperBaking Parchment Paper

Parchment paper helps keep your baked cake from getting stuck to the bottom of a pan by creating heat and grease-resistant surfaces in that place.

How would you like a parchment paper which doesn’t need any kind of trimming to fit your pan?

Meet Reynolds Exclusive 12-inch Parchment Paper, which tucks itself perfectly into any standard-size baking pan without any kind of fold-ups need! And the best part is it’s non-stick and can resist heat up to 425-Degree Fahrenheit.

  1. Mortar And PestleMortar And Pestle

Mortar is a bowl-shaped vessel in which dry food ingredients are crushed or ground. And Pestle is the tool that helps crush the materials inside the mortar.

Despite having so many electric crushers, people still use the old-school mortar and pestle like Chefsofi Stoneware Set to bring out the best aroma from herbs and spices. The mortar comes with 2 cup capacity so that you don’t need to refill it very often.

  1. Pepper GrinderPepper Grinder

Pepper grinder is one of the essential cooking tools for grinding or crushing pepper, salt or spice into a fine powder.

If you love adding freshly grounded pepper to your food while eating, then the HOME EC Adjustable Salt and Pepper Grinder Shaker is the perfect set for you to purchase!

Each bottle comes with 60-oz capacity and includes a silicone funnel to ensure mess-free servings on your plate.

  1. Melon BallerMelon Baller

A melon baller is a spoon-shaped kitchen tool that has a round shape in the middle and is used for scooping the seeds out of fruits and vegetables and serving purposes.

If you are confused about which size to get, then consider the OXO Double-Sided Melon Baller, which has 1-inch and 1.25-inch scoop sizes so that you can choose to use the one that’s needed as per your requirement.

  1. Salad SpinnerSalad Spinner

A salad spinner is basically washing equipment for cleaning dirt and removing excess water from vegetables.

Not all salad spinner spins the way you want!

However, the Mueller Austria Large 5L Salad Spinner will cater to your every need as it’s made with heavy-duty ABS plastic and anti-wobble features for your convenience. This German-engineered spinner is also BPA-free and Dishwasher-safe.

  1. Citrus JuicerCitrus Juicer

Want to get a freshly-squeezed orange juice without using the blender?

A citrus juicer is perfect for that occasion!

Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer is a tool that’s determined to get the very last drop from any fruits or vegetables you throw at it with its very own Final-Spin feature!

The tiny juicer accommodates 3 adjustable pulp control settings and extra-long snap-up spout for avoiding any kind of drippings.

Cooking Tools & Utensils

  1. Grilling ToolsGrilling Tools

While barbequing a fat piece of meat, you can’t just use an ordinary spoon to turn or flip it over. And that’s why the grilling kitchen tools and equipment are here for! They are heavy-duty, strong and made of thick materials.

The Alpha Grillers BBQ Grilling Tools Set is the perfect gift to give to your BBQ-buddy as it comes with everything you need to make a YUMMY brisket including Spatula, Basting Brush, Fork and Tongs.

This set is also space-friendly as each piece comes with big loops tied to their ends so that you can hang them from a hook and enjoy a hassle-free storage system!

  1. Ice Cream ScoopIce Cream Scoop

Ice-cream scoop is one kind of spoon that’s meant to serve ice-cream or similar types of desserts into a cone or a bowl.

Without ice-cream, the world would be a sadder place to live in and that’s why the mint-colored Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop is all-ready to help you dig out your favorite flavor in style!

The dishwasher-safe scoop creates a perfect sphere every time you scoop out from a dessert and the handle is designed in a way so that you can grip easily while enjoying the very last bit of the ice-cream in your container!

  1. Rolling PinRolling Pin

Whether you need to flatten out dough for baking pastries or make a nice, thin crust for your pizza, a rolling pin is a must-have kitchen accessory in all scenarios.

To help you get started on the right foot, the Fox Run 10-inch 100% Marble Rolling Pin would be an excellent choice, as it comes with a wooden handle that’s super comfy to grip on.

The rolling pin comes with a wooden cradle to rest on and features non-stick properties and nylon ball bearing for smooth operation.

  1. Measuring JugMeasuring Jug

Measuring jug is used to weigh liquids/ingredients in a cup before using the mixture into your cooking.

While any measuring cup out there will serve your purpose, we recommend using the OXO 1056988 Set as it comes with 3 pieces of cups to help you out! The cups are designed in a way so that you can see the measurement indicator from above as you are pouring liquids into the containers.

  1. Measuring CupMeasuring Cup

Measuring cups are more versatile and used to measure a wide range of ingredients including liquid, fruits, nuts or other kinds of cooking ingredients.

The Simply Gourmet Stainless Steel 7 Piece Measuring Cup Set might be the last one you will ever need to purchase!


Well, the set includes 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/8, 2/3, 3/4 and 1 cups and they are all made of premium stainless steel that never rusts or corrodes. You can easily stack them up all inside a drawer or cabinet as they pile up neatly on top of each other.

  1. Measuring SpoonMeasuring Spoon

Ever seen cooking books including words like “Teaspoon”, “Tablespoon” or milliliter units in their recipe?

Well, that’s why the measuring spoons were invented to help you out!

The Spring Chef 6-set Measuring Spoon is built-in conventional sizes that vary from 1/8 Teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon measuring units. The premium-quality stainless-steel spoons come in rectangular sizes and long handles, which helps reach into most of the spice jars quite easily.

  1. Mixing BowlMixing Bowl

A mixing bowl is, basically, a bowl that’s used for whisking eggs, blending cake batters, combining salad items or mixing other ingredients.

The AVACRAFT Mixing Bowl Set including 1.5, 3 and 5 quart-sized bowls that are perfect for mixing and storing things that you like! With a BPA-free, wine-red and black lids, these bowls are long-lasting and show no signs of rust even after regular use.

  1. ColanderColander

A colander is one of the must have kitchen utensils that’s used to wash foods like pasta and vegetables while the water drips directly into the sink through its fine mesh and holes.

If you want your colander to sit straight on the kitchen countertop, then you will need to have a stable draining base on the bottom part just like Bellemain Micro-Perforated Colander does!

With a 5-quart capacity, this colander is more than draining rice, pasta or vegetables without clogging up the pores at all. You can either hand wash or run it through a dishwasher to clean this tool afterward.

  1. Sieve (Mesh Strainer)Sieve (Mesh Strainer)

A sieve is a straining tool that separates unwanted elements like, seeds, gunk from your desired ingredient.

Everyone loves getting options!

Keeping that in mind, Cuisinart CTG-00-3MS presents you with 3 different sizes include 3.125-, 5.5- and 7.875-inch strainers.

This stainless-steel mesh strainer is perfect for sifting through any dry or wet ingredients and is also dishwasher-safe for your convenience.


Kitchen Essentials Infographic (Essential Pots and Pans)

  1. Cookware SetCuisinart MCP-12N Multiclad Pro Cookware Set

Even if you are an occasional cook (like me, ahem!), you are still going to need at least one good-quality cookware set to get started on the right foot!

The MCP-12N Cookware Set from Cuisinart is a real bargain considering the fact that it comes with 12 pieces of crockeries! From skillets, sauté pan with lids to stockpot and steamer, you get all the basic things that you need in this package.

  1. Non-Stick Frying PanMade In Cookware Non-Stick Frying Pan

A non-stick frying pan is coated with “Teflon”, which allows the food to get brown without getting stuck to the surface. It’s also known as one of the college kitchen essentials!

Although the non-stick coatings are known to peel away after regular use, the Made In Cookware Non-Stick Frying Pan is made of 5-ply construction and cured 3 times before it gets the chance to meet you!

The pan is oven-friendly and lasts 10X times more than any standard pans available in the market.

  1. Cast Iron SkilletCast Iron Skillet

In the mood for a roasting a big, fat, juicy chicken?

Well, you need a cast-iron skillet for that! It can also be used for braising, sautéing, pan-frying, searing etc.

Whether you need to prepare a meal for 2 people or a large family, Stargazer has got you covered with its 10.5- and 12-inch skillets, which weigh 5.2 and 6.5 pounds respectively.

They both come with a smooth satin-like interior that’s non-sticky and a handle that keeps cool for the longest time.

  1. Dutch OvenDutch Oven

A Dutch Oven refers to a large cooking pot that comes with a lid on top and is used to make casseroles, bake pasta/bread etc.

Even if you are a complete noob in the world of cooking, you are still going to LOVE this French-inspired Classic Dutch Oven from Milo! The 5.5-Quart pot is made of glassy enamel material and doesn’t require much effort to clean it as it’s non-stick.

  1. Stainless Steel SkilletMade In Cookware Stainless Steel Skillet

A skillet is basically a flat-bottomed frying pan that typically comes with a long handle for support. This is an essential kitchen cookery item for those who don’t trust traditional nonstick skillet.

There’s no reason to get your fingers burnt while moving your skillet around!

Keeping that in mind, has invented the dream skillet-handle, which stays cool even on the stovetop! With a 12.5-inch diameter and 3.2 pounds of weight, the Made In Cookware Stainless Steel Pan can bear up to 800-Degrees of heat and is dishwasher safe as well.

  1. Wok (Carbon Steel Wok)Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok

If you are in the mood for some stir-fried vegetables or crunchy chicken-fry, then wok is probably a go-to utensil for you!

Want to arrange a get-together under the blue sky?

The Hand-Hammered Pow Wok from Craft Wok is perfectly suitable for open fire purposes!

The 15-gauge best carbon steel wok is made for taking a hard commercial-level beating with ease and doesn’t get burned even when it’s used over high heat.

  1. SaucepansMade In Cookware Saucepans

Saucepans refer to deep cooking pans that come with long handles on sides and a lid on top and are usually made of metal.

Although saucepans are traditionally used for making sauces, you can use the 2-Quart Made In Cookware Saucepans for making soups, puddings and other tummy-filling items as well!

This 7.5-inch pan is made of 18/10 stainless steel and 5-ply construction and therefore, distributes heat evenly all over the surface.

  1. Sauté PanMade In Cookware Sauté Pan

Sauté pan is one of the necessary kitchen items that’s almost similar to a frying pan, except, it can be used on higher heat and is ideal for ingredients that use butter or oil for frying.

The Sauté Pan from Made In Cookware is such a knockout that you can use this one as a serving dish if you want!

The 12-inch pan weighs almost 3 pounds. However, it’s quite easy to move this thing around because of the additional handle that’s attached on its side.

  1. Large Pot/StockpotMade In Cookware Stock Pots

Wide pot with a flat bottom, used for slow cooking and usually comes with a lid on top. Sounds familiar?

Well, that’s a stockpot!

If you are in the mood for preparing a slow-cooker fish stew or sausage casserole, then consider adding the Made In Cookware Stockpot to your shopping list today!

Made from a single piece of 5-ply metal, this pot can also be popped into an oven as it’s an oven and dishwasher friendly cookware.

  1. Grill PanGrill Pan

A grill pan is a metal container that gives you a somewhat similar experience of outdoor cooking by preparing food under a grill.

Even if you plan on using the Lodge Pro-Grid Iron Grill Pan for several decades, it will still cook the steak just the way you prefer, like it did on the very first day!

The pan is seasoned with 100% vegetable oil and doesn’t contain any chemical coating for safety purposes.

  1. Ovenproof Dish (Casserole Dish)Ovenproof Dish (Casserole Dish)

Most casserole dishes need an oven to bake. That’s why these dishes are considered oven-proof.

The Lodge 3.6-Quart Casserole Dish comes in a gorgeous shade of Caribbean Blue to add a fun pop of color to your kitchen!

Cast Iron combined with Enamel gives the dish extra protection and allows it to be used on both oven and stovetop as well.

  1. Roasting TinRoasting Tin

A roasting tin refers to the pan that’s used to roast chicken along with other ingredients in the oven. Usually, it contains a rack inside it.

If you are looking for a larger size than the average ones available on the market, then the Circulon 56539 Nonstick Roasting Pan/Roaster with Rack will be a perfect match for you!

This 17×13-inch pan features wide handles on both sides for a comfortable grip.

  1. Broiler PanWhirlpool 4396923 Porcelain Broiler Pan

A broiler pan comes in handy when you need to bake or cook a piece of meat or vegetable.

If you are counting calories before you eat, then using a broiler pan like Whirlpool 4396923 might be your best bet as broiling is a great way to reduce fat contents in the meat!

Bonus point: this 16-3/4-inch 12-3/4 X 1-1/2-inch pan comes with a roasting rack and fits into most standard-size ovens.

  1. Baking Sheet PanBaking Sheet Pan

A flat-bottomed, rectangular-shaped metal pan that goes into the oven whenever you need to bake cookies or pastries is called baking sheet pan.

Nordic Ware, a company that is well-known for making commercial bakeware since 1946 has managed to invent a superb Baking Sheet Pan made out of pure Aluminum. Ergo, they never rust or corrode!

The package includes 2 standard-sized pans which are compatible with parchment paper and silicone baking mats as well.

  1. Muffin PanMuffin Pan

A muffin pan is similar to a baking pan, except it consists of several cupcake-sized connecting holes inside for baking purposes.

Eating delicious cupcakes is the fun part, however, cleaning the pan afterward isn’t!

That’s why the USA Pan manufacturer decided to design a muffin pan with a unique fluted pattern made of corrugated metal and take its non-stick property to a whole new level!

The pan is perfect for baking 12 standard-sized muffins or cupcakes.

  1. Stirring SpoonStirring Spoon

You already know what it is! Just the basic spoon that you use to stir liquids or dig into solid food items.

If you like to give your coffee a good stir before taking every sip (like me!), then take a look the HIWARE 9-inch Stirring Spoon, which comes with a long handle to reach straight to the bottom of your coffee mug!

Made from 18/8 stainless steel, the spoon is durable and comes with a high-polish finish to add a nice touch to its whole look.

  1. Slotted SpoonSlotted Spoon

Nobody likes to see their food covered in grease! And that’s why slotted spoons come with holes in the middle to drain oil from the food items.

Whether you want to rescue the green vegetables from the pan full of oil or drain hot water from pasta, the OXO 0719812029139 Nylon Slotted Spoon will be the perfect tool for that!

The spoon is compatible with non-stick cookware and can bear up to 400-Degree Fahrenheit with ease.

  1. Spaghetti Spoon (Pasta Fork)Spaghetti Spoon (Pasta Fork)

It isn’t easy serving pasta/spaghetti with a regular kitchen spoon and that’s why the Pasta Fork is here for!

OXO has continuously been impressing us with high-quality kitchenware and its nylon-made Spaghetti spoon is just another example of that!

Apart from its solid construction and heavy-duty performance, we can’t help but admire how good the metal accent looks on this tool! The fork is dishwasher-safe and heat resistant up to 400-Degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. SpatulaSpatula

A spatula is kitchenware that’s used to mix and spread things using its flat, blunt edge that’s a bit wider than the usual spoons.

With M Kitchen World Silicone Spatula Set, now you can flip eggs in style!

All 4 pieces come in different shapes and sizes to help you flip juicy burgers, fold strawberries into yogurt or frost a cake perfectly! The spatulas don’t melt or deform in high heat and are safe to use with nonstick cookware.

  1. TongsTongs

Tongs refer to an object that has two arms attached to its end and can be used to picking up or lifting food items.

Whenever I go to a buffet lunch, I always struggle with the tongs because they are so slippery!

Fortunately, DRAGONN makes the perfect tongs by cushioning them with slip-resistant rubber handles! The tongs come in a set of two and are 12-inch and 9-inch long respectively.

Servingware/Dinnerware Accessories

  1. LadleLadle

A ladle is basically a serving spoon with a deep, round bowl-shaped structure in the middle. It’s good for serving soup, stew or other liquid-based food items.

If most of your kitchen appliances are nonstick-type materials, then OXO Nylon Ladle might be a good match for you as it’s one of the best kitchen tools that’s fully compatible with all types of nonstick cook and bakeware.

Bonus point: the head of the ladle can bear up to 400-Degrees Fahrenheit temperature and is dishwasher-friendly.

  1. Round Platter (Large Or Medium)Round Platter (Large Or Medium)

The round platter is basically used for serving food. It can be made of different materials including wood, plastic, metal or ceramic.

Whether you want to get these platters for a party or daily use, the DOWAN Porcelain 3-Piece Set would be an excellent choice for you as it includes 12, 14 or 15.5-inches oval-shaped platter in one package!

The good news is, the platters are all FDA-approved as well as dishwasher- and microwave-friendly.

  1. Square Platter (Large And Medium)Square Platter (Large And Medium)

If you don’t like the oval-shaped platter and want a modern, chic-looking serving tray on the dinner table, then a square platter might be the best option for you!

LIFVER Large Porcelain Embossed Platter is an excellent gift choice as it can be used for a wide variety of food in its 3 different sizes that include 12.2, 13.8 and 15.6 inches.

All the plates are completely lead-free and made of FDA-approved, non-toxic, AB-grade porcelain.

  1. Dinner PlatesDinner Plates

Dinner plates are used for displaying the main courses of a meal. Typically, they are a bit larger than the regular serving plates.

Whether you are reheating a meal or serving a hot stir-fried shrimp on the plate, the Delling 10” Perdurable Porcelain Dinner Plates are good for them all!

Along with a high tolerance to heat, these plates also have non-slip properties and are quite easy to clean afterward.

  1. Serving SpoonsServing Spoons

Serving spoons are the big ones that are used to serve each individual their portions of food. They are also used for measurement purposes.

Stainless-steel spoons like LIANYU Dinner Banquet Serving Spoons are always a great option for serving food as they have a nice, classy look to them.

The package includes a total number of 3 serving spoons and 3 slotted spoons, where each of them is 8.75 inches in length.

  1. Serving Bowls (Large And Medium)Serving Bowls (Large And Medium)

A serving bowl is a round or rectangular-shaped bowl that’s used to serve food on the table.

If you like to bring a little bit of elegance and style to your meal, then serving it in one of the Denmark Tools for Cooks Serving Bowl 3-Piece Bowl Set would be an ideal choice for you!

The porcelain set is chip-resistant and oven, dishwasher, freezer-proof as well.

  1. Salad BowlSalad Bowl

The salad bowl is large to a medium dish that’s a little deep and used for serving salad or fruits along with other ingredients and dressings.

The best wooden salad bowls like the Lipper International 1174 Serving Bowl look great as a table centerpiece as well as a salad bowl because of its contemporary-styled wave design.

Made of Acacia wood, the bowl measures 12-inch in diameter and 7-inch in height.

  1. Salad ServerSalad Server

Salad servers work similarly as tongs, except they are used for serving salads.

If you already have a wooden salad bowl at home, then you can’t miss this gorgeous Totally Bamboo 20-2410 Salad Server Set that goes perfectly along with it!

This 14-inch salad server set contains 2 pieces of bamboo spoons made from sustainable resources so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment at all!

  1. RamekinsRamekins

Ramekins are small, round-shaped dishes that are used as one of the most common baking tools and equipment. You can also use this for serving dessert or savory dishes.

Not everything has to be the same shape!

For instance, this Geometric-Shaped Ramekins from DELLING looks exceptionally good and adds up to the feeling of a homemade crème brulee in an instant!

The best ramekins set includes a total number of 6 bowls where each of them comes with a 350-milliliter capacity.

  1. Pie ServerPie Server

It’s a bit hard to get a decent piece of cake using a regular serving spoon, don’t you think?

That’s why a pie server is used for that purpose!

Lucky for you, OXO Steel Pie Server comes with a sharp, serrated edge on one side, effectively allowing you to cut, slice and serve desserts with this single piece of equipment!

The handle is covered with rubber for a comfortable grip and it’s dishwasher-safe as well.

  1. Water Pitcher/JugWater Pitcher/Jug

The water pitcher is simply a container that’s used for pouring water, juice or other kinds of beverages into another vessel.

Made of borosilicate glass, the Hiware 64-Ounce Glass Pitcher is heat-resistant up to 300-Degree Fahrenheit and is 100% recyclable as well!

Featuring a non-drip spout and unique-shaped handle, the pitcher is super-comfortable to hold and pour water at the same time.

  1. GlassesGlasses

Among the things you need in a kitchen, glass is one of the most common tableware.  A good-quality glass should be heat-resistant and able to withstand light pressure impact.

If you are looking for a basic drinking glass that’s good for everyday use, then take a look at the Premium Quality Plastic Tumblers from US Acrylic.

The set includes a total number of 8 glasses that come with both 12-ounce and 16-ounce water capacity.

  1. Coffee MugCoffee Mug

A coffee mug is probably one of the most used things in every household and is, therefore, an excellent gift idea for someone special!

You can’t get through the hurdle life throws at you without a little sarcasm along the way!

That’s why Decodyne presents you with a coffee mug that has a hidden middle finger on the bottom part to show the world how you really feel while drinking your coffee in the morning!

The mug holds about 14-ounce of any hot beverage inside.

  1. Tea CupsTea Cups

Whether you start your morning with a sip of tea or coffee, teacups are the perfect size for this purpose.

With 2-Oz liquid capacity, the Sweese 401.001 Tea Cups are made of high-quality porcelain and come in a 6-piece set.

The material is super-durable, chip-resistant and safe for dishwasher, oven and even for freezing purposes.

  1. Tea KettleTea Kettle

The tea kettle is used for brewing or steeping tea leaves with boiling water before serving it into teacups.

Often times, you may need to put your tea kettle on a stovetop or inside the oven for boiling water.

Keeping that in mind, the Hiware 1000-ml Glass Teapot comes with a removable infuser and can easily be placed on heating elements as it’s made out of heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

The teapot also features an ergonomically-designed handle so that you can grip it comfortably.

Storage Equipment

  1. Plastic Container/Food Storage ContainerPlastic Container/Food Storage Container

Plastic containers are typically used for storing leftover foods in the freeze. You can also store dry ingredients like raisin, nuts or spice etc. in them.

If you plan on buying plastic containers, then it’s best to buy them in bulk. For instance, Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers come in a set of 21 different sizes so that you can easily pick the one you prefer!

The boxes are all microwave-safe and contain no harmful chemicals for safety purposes.

  1. Zipper BagZipper Bag

A zipper bag is a rectangular-shaped storage bag that is often transparent or semi-transparent.

Instead of using plastic bags, it’s time to switch it up with an eco-friendlier option like the Homelux Theory Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags, which are totally RECYCLABLE!

You will find 3 large and 4 medium-sized bags inside the package that 1.5-liter and 1-liter capacity respectively.

  1. Glass Jar/Spice JarGlass Jar/Spice Jar

Spice jars are what every kitchen needs for storing dry ingredients like spice, herbs etc. Typically, the jar has a wide opening, which can be covered with a lid that comes along with it.

Aozita 24 Pcs Glass Spice Jars/Bottles can be used for multipurpose as it comes with 24 shaker bottles and caps, waterproof labels to help you identify each jar and a silicone funnel to transfer the ingredients to another place.

  1. Dry Good ContainerDry Good Container

Dry food containers are basically storage containers that are air-tight, light and portable so that they can easily be carried around.

Having a compact kitchen means you need to make use of EVERY possible inch and that’s where Chef’s Path Airtight 7-Piece Food Storage Container Set comes into play!

Made with impact-resistant ABS plastic, these boxes are STACKABLE and therefore, can be tucked neatly in a corner when not in use.

  1. Bread BinBread Bin

Bread bins are one kind of storage containers that are used to keep bread and other baked goods fresh.

The best bread box from Home-It is an excellent addition to any modern or traditional home décor, as it features a nice, sleek exterior and has a larger capacity than the regular ones.

In addition, the inside of the breadbox remains cooler so that the bread that you purchase stays fresh for a longer period.

  1. Salt CellarSalt Cellar

The salt cellar is a container with closed lids that are used for storing salt, spice or other small household items.

Instead of a plain-old salt shaker, why not try something that’s a little fun and stylish at the same time?

Crafted from the gorgeous Acacia wood, the Lipper International Salt Box comes with a swivel cover for easy access!

To maintain its originality, it’s recommended not to put it inside a freezer, oven or dishwasher.

  1. Oil/Vinegar ContainerOil/Vinegar Container

Oil/vinegar needs to be added in small amounts while cooking and that’s why it’s best to use a dispenser that’s specifically designed for that purpose.

Keeping your need in mind, Aozita has manufactured a 17-Oz Glass Olive Oil Bottle that features a non-drip design with its 18/8 stainless-steel spout and tightly fitted flap cap.

To help you refill the bottle easily, Aozita has also included a steel funnel with its package.

  1. Oil SprayerOil Sprayer

Did you know using an oil sprayer actually results in using less oil while cooking?

Yep! That’s why a lot of people choose this over the bottle dispensers!

If you want to start living healthily from this year, then purchasing the Evo Oil Sprayer Bottle would be a great way to do so!

With 18-Oz of capacity, this oil sprayer allots 1.35-milliliter oil per trigger pull and covers a large area at the same time.

  1. Kitchen Tool OrganizerKitchen Tool Organizer

The kitchen tool organizer, otherwise known as a utensil holder is a round-shaped open container to keep your kitchen utensils in an upright position.

The biggest advantage of using OXO Rotating Utensil Holder that you get to have easy access to each item!

Made with durable steel, there are 3 different compartments for keeping at least 15-large handled tools inside the holder.

  1. Trash BagsTrash Bags

Yes! We know you like to keep the kitchen messy!

However, a trash bag can easily solve that problem in a jiffy by storing all the waste inside.

The Code M Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags from Simplehuman are tailored in a way that they fit perfectly inside any bin you own with the help of its custom fit liners!

Made of durable plastic and double-seam, the bags don’t get ripped easily.

  1. Trash Cans (Large And Small)Trash Cans

To go along with the previous item on our list, you will also be needing a trash can to hold the bag inside.

A trash can’s biggest disadvantage is that it spreads bad odor.

However, the iTouchless SoftStep Trash Can comes with an odor filter that absorbs odor and keeps your kitchen smell nice 24/7!

The 50-liter bin is compatible with all standard-size trash bags available in the market.

Electric Kitchen Appliances

Essential Kitchen Appliances Infographic

  1. DishwasherDishwasher

You can’t let the dirty dishes keep piling on the sink forever!

A dishwasher helps keep your kitchen clean by washing the dirty cutleries and cookware automatically.

The Dishwasher from hOmeLabs is a good fit for your kitchen, especially if you have a compact space there!

The portable mini device offers you 6 different wash cycles to choose from and helps rinse your dishes without a trace of scratch-mark.

  1. Induction/Gas/Electric CooktopInduction Cooktop

Depending on your preference, you can choose to use an induction, gas or electric cooktop to cook your food in the kitchen.

If you want to conserve energy while you use the cooktop, then using the Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop is probably a good idea.

Not only you get to enjoy its 15 different temperature options, but the device also features a digital control panel and built-in timer to shut off the stove whenever you want!

  1. Immersion Blender/Stick BlenderImmersion Blender/Stick Blender

Immersion blender, otherwise known as stick blender is a grinding tool to mix/blend food ingredients.

If you like to have a comfortable grip on the tools while working, then the KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3-Speed Hand Blender is sure to match your expectations!

The package includes an 8-inch blending stick, a whisk, 2.5-cup chopper attachment with lid locks, a 3-cup blending jar and a 5-feet power cord for your convenience.

  1. BlenderBlender

Whenever you need to mix, fuse or make a puree of some fruits or vegetables, a blending machine is must have kitchen appliance!

A blender is nothing without the right accessories and that’s why, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor comes with a 72-Oz crushing pitcher, two 16-Oz Nutri Ninja Cups, 30 Yummy recipe guides along with a stunning food processor bowl!

The device requires 1500-watt to operate and is dishwasher-safe.

  1. Hand Blender/Hand MixerHand Blender/Hand Mixer

A hand blender is a hand-held device that’s used to beat the ingredients such as, egg whites, whipped cream and mix them quickly.

If you are looking for a mixer that’s easy on the eyes and made of high-quality material, then take a look at the Cuisinart HM-90S Hand Mixer that comes with its own storage case!

The package also includes beaters, hooks, spatula, whisk and a recipe book to get you started.

  1. Stand MixerStand Mixer

A stand mixer usually generates more power than any ordinary blender and is suitable for mixing air into liquid substances.

No matter how bold or understated your kitchen countertop is, you can still choose the perfect colored accessory to go with it as the KitchenAid KSM150PSGD Artisan Stand Mixers offers you 20 different color options!

The mixer also comes with a 5-Quart Stainless-steel bowl and 10 optimized speed control settings for you to choose from.

  1. Slow CookerSlow Cooker

Slow cooker, otherwise known as crock-pot is electric cookware that’s used for bringing more flavor to food by simmering it at a lower temperature.

Whether you want to tenderize a piece of meat for 30 minutes or 20 hours, the Crock-Pot SCCPVL600S got you covered with its 6-Quart cooking pot that’s able to serve meals for 7 people or even more!

The pot is also oven-friendly and heat resistant up to 400-Degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Rice CookerRice Cooker

A rice cooker is an electric appliance that’s designed to boil or steam rice.

Eating cold rice is quite dangerous as it might contain poisonous bacteria.

Keeping that in mind, Zojirushi NS-TSC10 Micom Rice Cooker is built in a way to help you cook rice and keep it warm with the help of its Automatic keep warm, extended keep warm and Reheating cycle options!

It’s pretty easy to clean and has a nonstick coating as well.

  1. Pressure CookerPressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is an essential kitchen appliance for most cookers that’s used for cooking food at high pressure.

Built with 3rd Generation Technology, the Instant Pot Duo 60 321 Electric Pressure Cooker is a model that’s worth every penny as it comes with a microprocessor that monitors pressure, is able to adjust the heat automatically and cooks up to 70X faster at the same time!

You can also make yogurt and cook rice with this multi-purpose cookware.

  1. Air FryerAir Fryer

An air fryer is an electric appliance that prepares food by circulating hot air or oil all around the item evenly.

While other brands struggle to keep pace with your appetite,COSORI Air Fryer one of the best kitchen appliances comes with a 5.8-Quart square-shaped nonstick basket that’s able to fit a whole chicken up to 6-pound!

The basket is PFOA- and BPA-free as well as dishwasher-safe.

  1. Coffee MakerCoffee Maker

A coffee maker helps you by brewing you a cup of hot coffee by mixing the ingredients automatically.

Some of us can barely concentrate without drinking coffee first thing in the morning!

That’s why, you need the Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker, which is able to brew more than 6 cups of coffee with a single refill!

It also conserves energy by switching off instantly whenever it sits idle for more than 2 hours.

  1. Microwave OvenMicrowave Oven

A microwave oven is an electric appliance that helps cook and heat food by generating electromagnetic radiation in microwave frequency.

If you hate waiting around while the meat defrosts itself, then you might be interested in the Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven that comes with a custom Defrost option, which works up to 1-pound! Cool, isn’t it?

With 1.2 cubic feet capacity, the oven also features a smart sensor that adjusts the temperature of food automatically.

  1. ToasterToaster

A toaster is a small device that heats up bread and turns them into brown color until they become “toasted”.

If you are always in a hurry and hardly have any time for making breakfast, then consider the Cuisinart CPT-180, one of the best kitchen gadgets that’s able to toast 4 slices at once!

You can brown your bread just the way you like with its 6 Browning dials and enjoy other features like dual reheat, defrost and bagel buttons options.

  1. Electric KettleElectric Kettle

Electric kettle helps you relax while monitoring the water level automatically and switching it off once the water reaches a boiling point.

With everything becoming wireless these days, the manufacturer of AmazonBasics decided to design its Portable Electric Kettle in the same way!

The kettle comes with 1-liter capacity and is made with BPA-free, food-contact materials. It also includes a water window to let you observe the water levels if you want.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Essentials?

[su_list icon=”icon: arrow-right” icon_color=”#EE3322″]

  • Gather The Essentials First

From the numerous cooking essentials available on the market, you should pick the compulsory items that you can’t do without from each category.

For instance, knife, spoons, spatula, cup, dish and a non-stick frying pan are must have kitchen items from the basic category.

Already have them in the collection?

Great! Now you can move onto some other cooking accessories and appliances that we need every day like, toaster, coffee machine, electric kettle, dishwasher etc.

Once you are done with this category, you can choose to take your pick from some of the optional ones like corkscrews, pizza cutters, ladles, thermometers, plastic wraps, etc. according to your need.

  • Determine The Size Of The Tools

Are you planning to cook regular meals that we devour every day? Then, a basic Paring Knife and a small cutting board might be all you need!

However, if you are a professional chef or just someone who likes to do things quickly, then the 8-inch Chef Knife and the large cutting board would be better suited for you.

The moral of the story is, you need to determine the size of your kitchen tools according to your working preference.

  • Consider Your Cooking Style

Everyone has their own specialty and we always encourage playing to your strengths!

Keeping that in mind, you might be interested in some of the baking accessories like pastry brush, hand mixer, blender, zipper bag, mixing bowl, measuring spoon and ice cream scoop if you have a sweet tooth and love to bake!

A savory-lover, on the other hand, would need essential kitchen tools like grilling equipment, sauté pan, stockpot, steak knife, fish turner, grater and things like that.

  • Pay Attention To The Material

Cooking tools are made from different materials.

From a wooden spoon to stainless steel skillet, no matter what utensil you choose to purchase, make sure it’s made of high-quality material so that you don’t have to start looking for a replacement in near future. [/su_list]

Tips for Using and Cleaning Essential Kitchen Tools

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  • To clean the stainless-steel pots, pour some water-soap mixture inside and bring it to boil. Let it sit there for 1 hour before rinsing it with cold water.
  • Do NOT use a dishwasher to clean your knives.
  • Prolong your wooden utensil’s life by applying almond oil once a year.
  • Read the manual before using any kitchen gadgets.
  • Oven smelling bad? Heat a soapy dishtowel inside and wipe the walls 30 minutes later to get rid of any foul smell. [/su_list]

Final Words

With so many products mentioned in our Kitchen Essentials List, we hope we haven’t got you spooked already!


You don’t have to purchase all of them at once!

Just start where you feel like need the most attention and you can slowly build up to a well-stocked kitchen one day.

Hopefully, our article has been able to help you sharpen your cooking skills, upgrade the current condition of your kitchen tools and make your life a lot easier by providing you with everything you need to make a deliciously-cooked meal at home!

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**Disclaimer: Some of our links are affiliate links so we get commissions for purchases made through links in this post (at no additional cost to you).
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