Life is not a piece of cake…But with a piece of cake, life gets much better. The art of confectionery has been practiced by people throughout the centuries. The recipes have been carefully passed from one generation to another, being upgraded, and reshaped being served differently.

Local Desserts That Gained Global Popularity

Did you know that most of the desserts popular all around the globe today, once were only local recipes not known to many people? Here you will find the list of the desserts many people love and discover where they come from:

Local Desserts That Gained Global Popularity

Sacher-Torte Cake

This dessert has conquered the hearts of many pastry lovers all over the world. The recipe is simple: a chocolate sponge cake cut into three layers, between which apricot jam is spread. Many chefs glaze the cake with a mixture of hot butter and melted cacao nibs of high quality.

Did you know that the 5th of December is a national Sacher-Torte day in the U.S.? However, for many years this cake had been reckoned to be a local Austrian dessert.

Sacher-Torte Cake

It was invented in 1883 in Vienna by Franz Sacher, a famous Austrian confectioner. At the age of 16, Sacher created the recipe for the world-famous cake for Prince Metternich. The taste of it was so irresistible that the dessert gained popularity very quickly and, therefore, is popular nowadays.


Russian ballerinas are known all over the world for their beauty, grace, elegance, and sophistication. Which man could resist their subtle and sophisticated charm?

For many artists, they were muses and the source of inspiration. For instance, Pablo Picasso’s early works were inspired by the beauty of his first wife, Olga, who was a Russian ballerina.


Art has many manifestations, and confectionery is one of them. Being mesmerized by the beauty of Anna Pavlova, an unknown chef from New Zealand has created a dessert named after her. Its light, airy meringue reminded the dresses worn by ballerinas.

For many years Pavlova was a part of New Zealand and Australian local cuisine. However, nowadays, the variations of this dessert can be found in any confectionery store all over the world.


‘Lift me up,’ says the name of the dessert. Indeed, the mixture of the tender and light mascarpone with the savoiardi can make you feel as if you were flitting in the air for a moment.


Being invented in the region of Veneto, Tiramisu had been a local Italian dessert for many decades. But today it is popular all over the world. The number of variations of the cake is countless. For example, many chefs add brandy or coffee to it or use sponge cake instead of savoiardi.

Because of being easy to prepare and very delicious at the same time, this dessert has gained a lot of popularity and is being served in the food places in many countries.

Apple Pie

Some desserts are as sophisticated as Pavlova or Sacher and are eaten only during special occasions. But there are desserts for which no special occasion is needed.

Apple pie reminds most of us about our childhood and parental home. The smell of hot crust and cinnamon is always associated with love and coziness. Probably, every family has their recipe for this dessert.

Apple Pie

Apple pie is so popular all over the world that it is difficult to trace back its history. Many people believe that its recipe comes from the U.S.

However, the first apple pie recipe known in the world is the one described by the father of English literature, Geoffrey Chaucer. It dates back to 1381. For many centuries it was a local English dessert.

Nowadays, it has become a good tradition for many families, regardless of nationality. Many people all over the globe are in love with apple pies.


The most multinational dessert is, obviously, ice-cream. The profusion of its flavours nowadays is impressive: from vanilla ice cream to the pop-corn one. Probably, every person has tried this dessert at least once in their life.

The history of ice-cream is surprisingly long. This dessert had been invented earlier than the English language was born. Can you imagine this?


It is believed that in 200BC in China, the first kind of ice-cream was created. The dessert was made when the mixture of rice and milk was packed into the snow and frozen.

In 618-97AD, King Tang of Shan already had 94 ice men who created an ice-cream-like dish for him. The ingredients used for it were buffalo milk, flour, and camphor.

Many centuries have passed after this, and nowadays, ice-cream is not only a Chinese dessert. Fortunately, people all over the world are lucky to have the opportunity to buy it in the nearest shop or make it by yourself. But only some of us know that initially, it was a part of Chinese cuisine.

Top Local Desserts That Gained Global Popularity

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