I was very fine with my gas cooktop. And I also bought all the necessary cookware. Most of them are regular cookware. And everything was going so fine. A few years ago I bought an amazing induction cooktop. To be honest, I didn’t buy the induction cooktop suddenly. I started knowing the benefits of the induction cooktop and though it is such an item that is absolutely perfect for me. And I add the item in my kitchen. Up to this time, everything went fine also.How to Use Non Induction Cookware on Induction Cooktop?

After that, I went to cook my kid’s smothered beef liver recipe on the induction cooktop. But I wondered the cookware is not heating up. I just forgot that was the non induction cookware. But I also didn’t know how to use non induction cookware on induction cooktop.

Is your story the same as this? Not really? Oh, no problem. But you need to know the trick on how to make the induction cookware compatible for non induction cookware. Right?

Ok, I understand. But you have to know the basic mechanism of the induction cooktop. So, let’s discuss the matter at first.

How Does An Induction Cooktop Work?

The heating system of an induction cooktop is totally different from the other cooktops. It produces heat using electromagnetism which transfers the heat to the conductive cookware. The interesting thing is, the induction elements don’t have virtually any trace of heat.

This cooktop only heats the pan, pot, or any other object, which are magnetic. Besides, the bottom of the pan or pot should have flat, smooth. And it will be much better if the bottom is thick. A flat and magnetic base is compulsory.

Now you can ask me, do all induction cooktops require magnetic cookware? YES of course. But if you do follow the following methods, you can cook without magnetic cookware.

using non induction pans on induction hob

After placing a pan, pot, or other magnetic cookware on the cooktop, there is a connection that takes place between the cookware and heating element. Then an electric current flows through the base and the current produces heat by fractioning. And the food cooks. But when you only place the non induction cookware, the connection doesn’t take place and you cannot cook ultimately.

Making The Induction Cooktop Compatible For Non Induction Cookware

A few methods are there that people use to make the non induction cookware usable on the induction cooktop. But you shouldn’t follow any other method except induction cooktop converter and induction hob. The basic thing is the same. On every method, you have to place another object between the cooktop and cookware. But the most effective and safest method is using non induction pans on induction hob and induction cooktop plate.

Well, let’s know what are they actually and how does it make the cookware compatible.

Using Cooktop ConverterInduction Cooktop Converter

As I said, the best way is using a converter disc or plate. Usually, the plate is circular and flat in shape. The induction interface disk is connected with a heatproof handle. And you can manage the plate holding the handle without anything. Undoubtedly the disc is magnetic. Don’t be confused, the induction converter, plate, and disk are the same thing.

The converter disk is made of either iron or stainless steel. And the plate fits fine between the flat cooktop and cookware base. The heat is also distributed evenly through the plate and the plate heats up the cookware furthermore. The plate is thin and heavy commonly. It is made thin and heavy as it can reduce the chance of slipping the cookware from on the plate. Thus, you can cook food with non induction cookware on the induction cooking option.

Using Induction HobInduction Hob

An induction hob is a copper wire made coil. Most probably you find this in the local store. This copper wire coil is placed on the cooktop of the induction stove just similar to the former method. And the electric current passes through it. And putting the non induction cookware on it, you can cook. But you have to be more careful while cooking in this method. Don’t try to touch the wired coil and always keep your hand from touching the coil accidentally. Go for removing the coil after shutting off the cooktop and must wear gloves remove from the cooktop.

What Cookware Are Well-Suited for Induction Cooktop?

There is numerous cookware in the market that are well-suited for the induction option. You may get the tag on the cookware written ‘’Induction Compatible’’ or ‘’Usable on Induction Cooktop.’’ But you should have a clear concept about it.

The cast iron enameled cookware and various kinds of stainless steel made cookware are induction compatible. Among them, stainless steel items have eye-catching finish most of the time. But, if the item contains nickel in a high ratio, there always has a chance to block the magnetic arena which can make the cookware induction incompatible.

The Benefits of Using Induction Cooktop

You may ask yourself, why do you use the induction heating method? Well, it is really a good question and you definitely should know the all reasons behind doing any task. This heating system usually provides a lot of advantages for its users. But most people love this method for the following reasons and the following are the major benefits of the induction cooktop.

  • It cooks the meal faster.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Better temperature control.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comparatively safe.

I’ve told here two methods of using non induction cookware of induction cooktop. Use the one that you feel comfortable with. But most people use the converter disk and to be honest it is really the better option. But don’t invest your money in poor quality converter disk.

On the other hand, I always recommend using induction compatible cookware for the induction cooktop. So, don’t you use the converter plate? Why not? But it’s better not to use it on regular basis. Hopefully, you’ve got all the necessary information and you won’t have to search how to use non induction cookware on induction cooktop again.

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