Every kitchen master wants to be equipped with the best cookware, so they can cook faster and more efficiently. Kitchenware companies offer plenty of different kitchen utensils to let you cook with less amount of time and bigger comfort. Over recent years people discovered the advantage of non-stick cookware made from PFOA which undoubtedly helped in the kitchen.What is PFOA Free Cookware

On the other hand, there is a growing concern about the materials that non-stick pans are made from and their affection for health. People believe that using PFOA free cookware can significantly lower any kind of health problems connected to preparing food. Let’s talk about that.

What is PFOA?

PFOA means perfluorooctanoic acids, it’s a perfluorinated carboxylic acid produced and used worldwide as an industrial surfactant in chemical processes, which makes it associated with Teflon production. You can find PFOA in carpets, fire-fighting foams, adhesive masses, water-repellent clothes, take away packaging, and in your kitchen. Teflon coated pans are made among others from PFOA. PFOA free cookware

What PFOA Means For Your Health?

We live in times where we unconsciously poison ourselves by eating and drinking. People add a lot of chemicals to our lives without even knowing about it. All of us already have PFOAs inside our bodies. The blood serum levels range from 2 to 8 parts per billion. It’s said the main sources are drinking water, food, outdoor air, and dust. Unfortunately, high levels of exposure are associated with ailments including:

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  • Kidney and testicular cancer,
  • Problems to fetuses,
  • Thyroid disorder,
  • Ulcerative colitis,
  • Liver damage,
  • Cholesterol changes,
  • Blood pressure changes during pregnancy,
  • Health problems with fetuses, babies and children,
  • Low birth weight,
  • Immune system problems, and more. [/su_list]

Fluorinated chemicals can be transferred from mothers to children through milk.

This means that the fluorochemicals which are released during our life will build up in the environment, and that will highly affect future generations. People will be exposed to fluorochemicals, and the risk for the associated health problems will be higher for them than for us now. PFOA free cookware

How do PFOA Pans Poison the Food I Make?

The PFOA base is a part of pots and pans. It is not harmful until we realize this substance. It can be caused by a high temperature while cooking or any kind of scratches done by the accident. This is why moms use to say not to touch the pan with a fork or knife. Sometimes the scratches are so small that you can’t see them. Unfortunately, the size of the marks doesn’t stop the chemicals from getting into your food.

If you are a proud owner of any PFOA Teflon pan, better get rid of it now. Do not risk your family’s health for non-stick technology, especially because nowadays you can find PFOA-free cookware!

In a nutshell, nowadays PFOA is no longer used as a major component in the production of non-stick cookware. People use safe materials such as highly durable aluminium or Thermolon – a ceramic material derived from sand. While picking your new cookware, you have to write all the information carefully. As I mentioned before, globally spread of PFOA exists in our lives and makes it difficult to certify the product as containing zero trace amounts of PFOA.

In fact, “Made Without PFOA” and “PFOA-Free” can mean two different things. Because the production and shipping process puts the cookware in contact with many different substances ( even water ), it is indeed hard to say for the company that their products are 100% PFOA-free. Using the phrase”made without PFOA” is much more accurate in this case. PFOA free cookware

PFOA-Free Does Matter!

Before 2013 old Teflon pans with PFOA inside could cause a lot of damages. These days technology has changed. Teflon pans are built with different materials, which makes them much healthier to use but why would you risk anyway? These days you can choose from many different materials which are 100% safe for your body and bring comfort into your kitchen. You can get yourself safe cookware made of stainless steel, cast iron, or ceramics. These materials do not cause any problems with your health and that should be your priority when it comes to purchasing. PFOA free cookware

What to Look for in PFOA-Free Cookware?

If you think it’s gonna be hard to buy reasonable equipment now, you are totally wrong. In fact, it is really easy to choose an affordable alternative to your PFOA carcinogenic cookware. Here are just a few things you need to have in mind while shopping. First of all, make sure your pan is metal utensil safe and choose the right materials for the cooking utensils. If you want to keep your equipment safe, go for silicone or wooden utensils. It significantly lowers the risk of any damage.

Second, maximum heat. Depends on what and how you wanna cook, it’s good to know what is the maximum temperature your cookware can stand, especially If you want to use your cookware in both stove and the oven. Safety always comes first.

Last but not least, dishwasher-friendly cookware. Most of the time it is not recommended to be washed in a dishwasher mostly because of its size and risk of damage but if you don’t have enough time for hand washing, you can look for the equipment that can easily withstand dishwasher detergents and temperature. PFOA free cookware

Final Words

Cookware which contains PFOA can contribute to damage to your health. Moreover, the range of “infection” can have an impact on other generations. If you like cooking and serving meals for your family and friends, do it without any risk. Before choosing the right equipment, read carefully the information about the product, and make sure you follow the rules for usage and care. Go for the cookware that is long-lasting, reliable, and safe to use. Always make sure to have in mind that different types of cookware fit to different types of cooking. Not every pan will get along with the cuisine you serve.

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