Are Pots and Pans Recyclable? The answer is ‘Yes’. You can recycle your old usable or unusable pots and pans in many ways. There are hundreds of reasons to dispose of your old pots and pans. You may need an upgrade to a new cookware model or the quality of material may have wasted over time.Are Pots and Pans Recyclable

If some of your cookware is no longer appropriate for cooking, do not just throw the old ones away. Through recycling pots and pans, you can make reuse them or can give them a new life. In this article, I will share some creative ways that you can recycle your old pots and pans and give them new life.

Are Pots and Pans Recyclable | Ways to Recycle Pots and Pans

Here are some different ways to recycle the old cooking utensils right below. Check it out to know more about these most creative ways.

Contact with your Local Scrap Metal Recycling Centre

If your cookware is unable to use you can give them to your local metal scrap recycler to recycle them. Most of the cookware is going to have some parts of metal. At first, make sure that the metal of your cookware is either ferrous or nonferrous. If your pots or pans attract to a magnet, they are made of ferrous metal. Or if they didn’t attract to a magnet, they are made of nonferrous metal like aluminium, stainless steel or copper. This matter is important because many recycle centers only accept either ferrous or nonferrous metal.

Contact with your Local Scrap Metal Recycling Centre

Additionally, some cookware companies accept old cookware from their customers. They recycle the cookware and send it back to their clients. If you’re a customer of Calphalon Company you can enjoy this privilege. It is necessary to note that Calphalon doesn’t accept plastic or glass pieces. If your cookware is coated with PTFE coating remove the coating before sending them for the recycling process. Once you find out a scrap metal recycle center, you should make a call to ensure that Teflon coated cookware is accepted or not.

Use your Old Pans and Pots Into Your Kitchen Décor

If your old cookware still has a decent appearance you can use them to décor your kitchen. You can also use your old pans or pots in your kitchen to hold items you use regularly. Hang your old iron skillet over the stove or wall, it will include an extra beauty to your kitchen décor. Place a large pot on a baker’s rack to keep spatulas, wooden spoons, and oven mitts. Keep a smaller pot under the sink to hold extra bottles of dishwashing liquid and sponges.

Moreover, you can also search on the web or Pinterest for “craft ideas for old pots and pans”. You will get several creative and unique ideas that will help to decorate your kitchen with old pots and pans.

Donate your Old and Usable Cookware to Friends or Local Charity

Donating your old cookware is one of the great ways of getting them out of your kitchen. If your pots and pans are still usable even though they are old this option would be great for you. Some charities or organizations accept various types of donations like cooking accessories. You can donate your old usable cookware to these charities or organizations. You can also give your usable pans to your friends or neighbors who will be happy to have them.

But you should remeber that, never donate your old non-stick pot or pan which cooking surface is scratched or damaged heavily. Because cooking on those type pots and pans are highly risky for healthy living.

Sell The Unused Old Cookware as Scrap Metal

You can get money for your old cooking products. Isn’t it amazing? Though it may not be much still it is something. If you have no idea about any local scrap metal dealers, you can search for them on the internet. At first, make contact with the company before going there. Let them know which kinds of cookware you have, whether they are coated and various types of information. This step will save you from making any insufficient trip if they don’t usually accept the kind of cookware you have.

Give your Old Pans and Pots a New Life

You can give your old cookware a new life by turning it into something useful for your home. If you like indoor plants, you can make a beautiful decorative planter with your old pots. Or you can use your old pots as a storage container. If your old cooking pots are still in good enough shape you can use it as a gift holder. Line your pot with beautiful dishtowels fill it with spices, cookbooks, and large kitchen utensils for a fun housewarming gift.

Are Pots and Pans Recyclable | Final Thought

When you’re thinking about your old cookware the first thing that might come to your mind is throw them in the dustbin. However, there are some better options for going about it. If you need to dispose of your pots and pans, consider reuse as the first option. You can also earn some cash out of your old cookware. You can even use them to increase the beauty of your kitchen.

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