Most of the people have a common question in their mind, is there any difference between rice cooker and pressure cooker? Yes, they are different in various ways. The most basic thing about both of the appliances is that both are used to cook rice. Even though both the cookers might look similar, however, they are different in terms of their features. In this post, I’ll share a comparison of Pressure Cooker VS Rice Cooker so that you can find out which one you do need.Pressure Cooker Vs Rice Cooker

Pressure Cookers

A pressure cooker is a well-known household appliance that cooks food quickly. It has three parts, the inner pot, the heating element, and the temperature or pressure sensors. A pressure cooker is designed to cook meats, bones, beans as well as rice. It requires less water or liquid for cooking and cooks food faster than conventional pots. In addition, a pressure cooker kills all the microorganisms present in food so that you can eat clean and healthy food.

Stovetop Vs Electric Pressure Cooker

The stovetop pressure cooker is the basic one with the fast cooking feature. The cooker works with different pressure ranges and can release pressure quicker than the electric one. Energy cost is also very less compared to the electric pressure cooker.

One the other hand, an electric pressure cooker comes with a lot of functions and features than the stovetop one. This cooker has a maximum pressure level than the stovetop and controls the pressure automatically depends on the cooking functionalities. Another interesting fact is, you can’t use an electric pressure cooker effectively for slow cooking while stovetop pressure can be.

Rice Cookers

A rice cooker is kitchen equipment with a thermostat, a cooking bowl, and heating power in it. Its automated feature allows to steam or cooks different types of rice easily. The thermostat is designed to direct the heat source and assess the heat temperature of the cooking bowl. This kitchen appliance is also known as a rice steamer. There are various types of rice cookers available in the market with different complex technologies and featuring multi-use properties.

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Pressure Cooker Vs Rice Cooker | Differences Between Them

Rice cooker vs pressure cooker both of these appliances cooks food by using steam. However, they have a lot of differences in terms of their cooking method, components, and what foods they’re used to cook. Let’s see those differences in this list right below.

Types of Foods they are used to Cook

  • A pressure cooker works great for cooking a large portion of meat. In order to make dishes such as beef stew and pot roast, a pressure cooker will work best for you. It also works great to cook vegetables such as whole corn and squash more quickly.
  • A rice cooker, on the other hand, can be used for cooking rice and a limited number of related dishes. There are various types of rice cookers available in the market. A single function rice cooker can just be used for cooking different types of rice. However, some multi-functional rice cookers can be used to cook meat, fish, boil eggs with steam, vegetables, etc.


  • The pressure cooker has a lid that can be sealed or closed. The lid consists of a rubber lining that prevents the steam to escape from the cooker. Moreover, it also consists of an inner pot, heat source, and temperature or pressure sensors.
  • Rice cooker, on the other hand, requires an external heating source like a heating pad or coil. The device contains a top lid and some of them also consist of extra parts such as a steaming basket or tofu maker.

Cooking Method

  • Pressure cooking is a cooking method in a tightly sealed pot where liquid or air doesn’t escape at a pre-defined pressure level. When the liquid reaches the boiling point, the steam is trapped and causes the pressure to increase inside the chamber. The increased pressure works to cook foods.
  • The heating source in the cooker is used for heating the rice with liquid or water. The liquid evaporates and turns into steam because of heat. During the process, rice absorbs the hot liquid and becomes soft. As soon as you open the lid in a cooker, the liquid has been completely absorbed which means rice is cooked properly.

Cooking Rice in Pressure Cooker Vs Rice Cooker

So, between rice cooker and pressure cooker, which one is best for cooking rice?

  • Rice cookers are the best appliance to cook different types of rice perfectly in terms of texture, flavor, and aroma. A rice cooker features automatic shut-off and keep warm functions, and is considered a more energy-efficient way to cook rice than a stove-top pot. However, unless it is a multi-functioned cooker, a rice cooker cannot be used to cook anything else other than rice
  • Pressure cookers, on the other hand, with multi-functioned features that can also be used as slow cookers and rice cookers. Having a multi-functional pressure cooker in your kitchen means that you do not need to buy a rice cooker separately.

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Q: Is Rice Cooker a Pressure Cooker?

A: No. There are several differences available between a rice cooker and a pressure cooker. Hopefully, you have already got it from the previous sections of this article.

Q: Rice Cooker or Pressure Cooker, Which One Should I Buy?

A: Well, it totally depends on your need. If you want an appliance for only cooking rice, then a rice cooker is the best option. And if you want to make other dishes as well as rice, then a multi-functional pressure cooker will be the best idea.

Q: How Long to Cook Brown Rice in a Pressure Cooker?

A: Although it depends on some facts, but it will take nearly 25-30 minutes.

Last Thought

In conclusion, which cooker you want to buy, it totally depends on your requirements. When selecting a cooker, check what kind of functions you require in a cooker and what type of dishes you want to prepare. However, it is absolutely good to purchase a rice cooker if you cook rice in most of your meals.

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