Preparing fondue is one of the best ways of delighting your guests or your beloved ones. A hot oil Fondue or fondue bourguignonne can make your party more special and enjoyable to your visitors. With this fondue dish, you can cook tender cubes of meat such as beef, chicken, pork, steak or meatballs, easily and tastefully.Best Oil for Fondue

For beginners, it’s very difficult to select the best oil when it comes to meat fondue. In this article, I’d like to share everything in detail that you ever need to know about the best oil for fondue. Check this post thoroughly so that you can select your fondue oil wisely.

An Ultimate List of Best Oil for Fondue

What oil to use for fondue? There is a list of some best oils that you can use for making your next meat fondue. Let’s check this out to get some more effective information.

Canola Oil

There’re various types of oils available that you can use for meat fondue and canola oil is in the first position among them. This oil has very little flavor and high enough smoking point which makes it ideal for meat fondue.

Peanut and Safflower Oil

You can also use Peanut and Safflower oil for preparing hot oil fondue or your favorite meat fondue. They are high in saturated fats and will add healthy taste to your meats. Like canola oil, Peanut and Safflower oil also come with higher smoking points.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is best known for its health benefits and rich flavor. For meat fondue, monounsaturated oil is a healthy option for you that will enhance your meat’s flavor. extra virgin olive oil, however, has some impurities meaning it is highly refined. Compared to regular olive oil, extra virgin olive oil comes with a higher smoking point. If you want to prepare a light fondue dish with a savory flavor, it’s better to use extra virgin olive oil.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil could be a great choice because it’s healthiest and has the highest smoking points out of all the regular common oils. This light oil will add a fruity flavor to your meat that is not overbearing or cheeky.

Things to Consider when Choosing Meat Fondue Oil

There’re some most important points that you must concern about when choosing an oil for meat fondue. Check these bellow’s points to know more.

Choosing Meat Fondue Oil

Neutral or Flavored

Oils can either be neutral or flavored and this is evident in the flavor they give to your meal. Depending on the forms of the foods you’re cooking this taste can mean quality or unattractive food. So it’s important to be well-aware of the flavor of the oil before buying the best fondue oil. A flavorful oil like sesame would be perfect for those who want a Chinese twist on their fondue.

There’s another category knows as neutral oils are a perfect fit for almost all type of meals. However, if you want something neutral, Canola oil is the perfect option that you can pick. So, when you’re searching for the best oil for your next fondue it’s recommended to confirm their flavors.

Refined or Unrefined

After extraction, oils can either left on their primary condition or undergo a refinery method. Unrefined oils, however, are also known as virgin or raw oils and they generally have neutral flavors. One of the great benefits of unrefined oils is that they’re still a healthier option with rich flavor. The main drawback, however, is their low smoking points, that’s why they’re not ideal options when it’s about meat fondue.

Refined oil, on the other hand, is taken through some process which includes bleaching and heating to discard volatile combinations. This kind of oil is characterized by their high smoke points which makes them the best option for preparing hot oil fondue.

Fat Saturation

Another important point that you must consider while deciding to buy a fondue oil is Fat-Saturation. Each oil has a given amount of fat saturation specifically those oils extracted from natural sources like plants and animals. However, most oils that sustain their liquid nature at room temperature are completely unsaturated. These oils are perfect for fondue because meat also comes with a certain amount of fat. And you must know that too much fat in your diet could be dangerous to your health.

Smoking Point of Oils

The smoke point of an oil is the most essential factor to remember when purchasing oil for your fondue. But what is the smoke point of oils? Well, smoking points means the temperature at which oil starts to emit smoke. When this happens, it indicates that the begins to burn and gives an unpleasant smell and unappetizing taste to your food. So, before purchasing a fondue oil, make sure the oil has a higher smoking point. Different types of oil come with different smoke points, such as:


In conclusion, there are some important points that you need to note down when serving a hot oil fondue. The type of fondue pot, type of meat and mostly what oil to use for fondue. It’s very essential to choose the right type of oil to make your meat fondue perfect. There are wide verities of oils available but remember that not all of them are suitable for this delicious recipe. For the best result, it’s recommended to buy a refined oil with low fat-saturation.

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