10 Best Fondue Pot (Including Full Set) to Buy in 2020

Want to add something different to your upcoming dinner party? Shape the night with the Best Fondue Pot Set for a lively meal. Fondue is a simple and fun way to cook food for a small gathering. It is serving as an appetizer, main course, or dinner. You can make sweet, salty, and spicy foods within a few secs in it. In fondue, you need to pick a food with a fork, dip into the sauces and pour into your mouth. You can offer your guests bite-sized seafood, meat, desserts and let them will make the fondue by their selves.Best Fondue Pot (Including Full Set)

What is Fondue Pot?

In a general word, fondue is a melted cheese serving pot with a portable stove or burner. It includes long steel forks which are used to dipping bread, meats, vegetable into the melted cheese. Fondue pot comes with sprite lamp, electric built heater or stove or even with a candle. Impressing fact is it’s the national dish promoted by the Swiss Cheese Union.

But fondue is not limited in cheese only; other foods like chocolate, caramel, broth or even oil are warm in a fondue pot and eaten by a piece of bite-sized fruits, pastry, cake, and marshmallow. Bite-size meats are cooked in hot broth or oil.

Quick Overview of 5 Best Fondue Sets

Fondue SetImageEditor's RatingOverviewPrice
Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue MakerCuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker4.7/5Brand: Cuisinart
Quantity: 13 Piece
Weight: 5.39 Pounds
Nostalgia FPS200 6-Cup Fondue SetNostalgia FPS200 Fondue Set4.5/5Brand: Nostalgia Electrics
Quantity: 6 Piece
Weight: N/A
Wilton Candy Melts SetWilton Candy Melts Candy Melting Pot4.5/5Brand: Wilton
Quantity: 2 Piece
Weight: 1.23 Pounds
Oster Titanium Infused Fondue PotOster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Best Cheese Fondue Pot4.2/5Brand: Oster
Quantity: 10 Piece
Weight: 3.54 Pounds
VonShef Fondue SetVonShef Fondue Set with 6 Forks Stylish Cast Iron Porcelain Enamel Pot4.5/5Brand: VonShef
Quantity: 8 Piece
Weight: 8 Pounds

Benefits of Using Fondue Pot

With eat, feed, and entertainment fondue set offers even more. Like,

  • A fondue could be the center of attraction to your dining table. Such a great option for making your guest
  • The bite-sized food let you intake a small quantity of fresh food but make you full.
  • You can use the bowel to warm your nodules or soup in the microwave.
  • The fondue burner will be a great option to toast the marshmallow or make smores.

10 Best Fondue Set Reviews 2020

Here we selected 10 different types of best fondue sets so you can try any recipes according to your need. Have a look below.

Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue MakerCuisinart CFO-3SS - Best Electric Fondue Pot

Make your party more fun and successful with Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker. It’s a 3-qt nonstick pot with eight fondue forks. The best fondue pot heats up within few mins once you plug the fondue maker in. When the maker is sufficiently hot, it reaches more than 375 degrees F. The maker has eight options to control the temp from low to high. You can put in it anything chocolate, cheese, broth or oil.

The dimension of this fondue maker is 6.12×10.50×7 inches. It has brushed stainless-steel bowel with Teflon coating. You can wash it hand or in the dishwasher. You get with pack base, bowl, forks with different color coding, temp probe, fork rack, etc. also, you get a recipe book with the pack.

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  • The pots are sturdy enough to stand well.
  • It heats up pretty quickly.
  • Adjustable temperature probe with eight settings.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with three years of warranty. 

  • The nonstick coating is made of Teflon.
  • Need to careful with the short power cord not to get it wet. 


Nostalgia FPS200 6-Cup Stainless Steel Electric Fondue PotNostalgia FPS200 - Best Fondue Set

If you are looking for a small size fondue maker within budget, then check out the Nostalgia FPS200. This one comes with a removable bowl, eight forks, and power cords and so on. This fondue maker can reach up to 350 degrees F. You can use it for chocolate fondue, cheese, sauce fondue, etc. the body of the Nostalgia is made of fully stainless steel.

The fondue has a simple dial to adjust the temp according to your needs. You can warm around 3 lbs of chocolate in it at a time. The cool-touch handles of the pot are suitable for easy mobbing. You can have a ring to attach to the pot to avoiding splattering and forks.

The size of the fondue is 8.7×8.7×8.3 inches and weighs around 2.5 pounds. Overall, it’s an affordable option for occasional usage.

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  • The size is easier to use, transport, and store.
  • Good for 4-6 serving.
  • The pot is fully removable for a wash.
  • Comes with eight colored forks.
  • A dial includes for temp control.
  • The pot looks nice. 

  • The bowel is not nonstick.
  • The temp is not suitable for making meat fondue.
  • Not dishwasher safe. 


Wilton Candy Melts Candy Melting PotWilton Candy Melts Candy Melting Pot

If you want to buy a chocolate melter for different types of decorations, making sweets, fondue for personal usage, check the Wilton Candy Melts Candy Melting Pot. The maker features removable silicon pot which can melt 2.5 cups of candy/chocolate within 10-min. The pot also has two pouring spouts which make it more accessible to pouring melted candy and chocolates.

The dimension of the Wilton candy melting pot is 5.7×6.3×9.1 in and weighs 1.23. This best chocolate fondue pot comes with two temperature settings to adjust warmth. Its innovative heating base stays cool during the pot is working.


  • A light safety indicator indicates when the pot is on.
  • The rubber feet of the maker stayed the pot in place when you are working.
  • Comes with one removable silicone insert.
  • Hassle-free cleaning. 

  • The capacity is smaller according to the price range. 


Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Fondue PotOster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Best Cheese Fondue Pot

If you want a compact-sized meat fondue pot to fit in the table but large enough to have plenty of fondues, then there you have it. The Oster Fondue Pot is a perfect fondue maker for all parties and family gatherings. It comes with a titanium-infused pot which is nonstick, cooks faster up to 30% and also energy saving. This pot is completely PTEF, PFOA-free, does not peel or flake and too easy to clean.

The temperature of the maker is adjustable. It comes with a removable plug, eight fondue forks, and a holder ring. The dimension of the maker is 13.4×5.5×8.7 inches and weighs 3.54 pounds.


  • Large size and capacity- 3 quarters fondue pot.
  • Suitable for the wipe and easy cleaning.
  • The magnetic breakaway cord offers vast safety.
  • Includes a beautiful holder with handles for easy shifting. 

  • Some users say the temp does not stay constant. 


VonShef Fondue Set with 6 Forks Stylish Cast Iron Porcelain Enamel PotVonShef Fondue Set with 6 Forks Stylish Cast Iron Porcelain Enamel Pot

The VonShef Fondue Set is different from other best rated fondue pots but efficient. It comes with 6 color-coded long-stemmed forks for cooking, dipping, and eating.

The set comes with a heat-proof Porcelain enamel cast iron fondue pot. It does not let anything stick to the pan. So cleaning will be a lot easier. It includes a changeable flame burner with a snuffer. You have to purchase the fuel separately.

The dimension of the best fondue pot for meat is 8.7×6.3×8.7 inches, capacity 63 fl oz. and weighs 9.92 pounds.


  • The fire gel keeps the pot warm for a long time.
  • The casting of the pot and stand is well made.
  • The enamel is nearly perfect and easy to clean.
  • Reasonable pricing. 

  • The fondue forks are sharp but fragile.
  • The set does not come with fuel. 


NutriChef PKFNMK23 Small Appliance Countertop Set CookerNutriChef PKFNMK23 - Best Rated Fondue Pot

Another electric best-rated fondue pot that is great for friends and family gatherings. The NutriChef PKFNMK23 is a high powered fondue maker with 800 Watt. The capacity of the cooking bowl is 2+ quarts, and it’s removable. The bowl has a thick layer of nonstick which made of Teflon.

The best electric fondue pot comes with 6 dipping forks. It includes a 3.3 ft long power cord which gives you more convenience. The dimension of the maker is 10.1×8.9×6.6 inches and around 4 pounds.

You can make anything on this small countertop cookware. It can warm up anything in no time. The set is suitable to warm up chocolate, cheese for marshmallows, fruits, and pretzels. Also, you can warm broth, oil for meat, vegetable fondue.


  • Nice color combination and texture.
  • Removable serving bowel.
  • Adjustable rotary temp control.
  • Convenient cool-touch handles.
  • Nonstick bowel for warm the chocolate, cheese, oil, etc. 

  • Little pricy.
  • Has unhealthy nonstick Teflon coating. 


Chocolate Fondue Maker– Deluxe Electric Dessert Fountain Fondue Pot SetBest Chocolate Fondue Pot

Here is another simple but efficient chocolate fondue maker that will add more fun and flexibility in your events. The Chocolate Fondue Maker- Deluxe Electric Dessert Fountain Fondue Pot Set is perfect for any game night or valentine night table. It comes with four forks for easy dipping and drizzling.

The dimension of the set 10.9×10.7×3.4 inches and weighs 1.57. It’s very compact and light and needs a small space to store. The serving bowl of the set is removable and also easy to clean. It’s not dishwasher-safe but still suitable for hassle-free cleaning. Usually, the melter can hold 2 to 3 cups of chocolate in it if you want you can put ceramal on it to dip your favorite treat.


  • Serving tray and bowl are removable.
  • Has two settings- melting and warming.
  • Comes with four forks for easy dipping.
  • Has section plate for organize different things. 

  • It’s getting cold so quickly.
  • Not for meat/oil fondue. 


Artesia Electric Ceramic Fondue Set with 6 Fondue ForksArtesia Electric Ceramic Fondue Set with 6 Fondue Forks

A fondue pot that impresses you from both inner and outer is the Artesia Electric Ceramic Fondue Set. This is one set that touches our all expectations. First of all, it can make around 2 litter of melted cheese, chocolate or caramel.  It comes with adjustable rotary heat control that perfectly melts the cheese/chocolate within 5 mins. The temp of this one is higher than others and efficient also, it uses North American electricity standard which is 120V, 60Hz. The set comes with one porcelain bowl with handle, 6 fondue forks with heat-proof handles.

Now the design. The set comes with two bowel color options, black and white. With a shiny rose-gold base, the combination (black+rose-gold or white+rose-gold) looks excellent and fits any table decorations. You can use it for home or commercial usage. The set will defiantly impress your guest by its looks and testy delicious treats.


  • The excellent color combination of black and rose gold base.
  • The pot heats up pretty quickly.
  • Has to dial for temp control.
  • The pot has two color options, white and black. 

  • The price of the product is a little higher. 


Swissmar KF-66518 Lugano 2-Quart Cast Iron Cheese Fondue SetSwissmar KF-66518 Lugano 2-Quart Cast Iron Cheese Fondue Set

Want to buy a traditional small fondue pot set? Then cook at this Swissmar KF-66518 fondue set. It’s a 2 quarter set to melt any cheese perfectly. Its traditional type fondue maker set with porcelain handled pot, iron burner and six sets of fondue forks.

This best cheese fondue pot set is only 10.4 lbs and size if 8.2x7x7 inches.

The set comes with three gel containers that fulfill the need for fuel for 6-8 time usage. The nonstick pot is versatile to use for cheese, oil/meat fondue. You can use it for chocolate but may need a double boiler for that. There is no option for lower or higher temp. This type of set was popular among winter countries because you get to eat meat and cheese fondue for as long as you want. If you’re going to revive those memories, you can surely get this one for long term use.


  • Suitable for making a high and low flame.
  • Have three color options- red, black, and blue.
  • Smooth ceramic body.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with 3 oz. fire-gel containers. 

  • Expensive product.
  • With the stand and pot, it’s heavy to move. 


Cuisinart FP-115RS 13-Piece Cast Iron Fondue SetCuisinart FP-115RS 13-Piece Cast Iron Fondue Set

If you want a high capacity fondue set then there you have it. The Cuisinart FP-115RS 13-Piece Cast Iron Fondue Set is perfect for your game night, parties and Christmas dinner table. This set can make around 6 cups of liquid to dip into. This old school burner typeset will give you the feel of European Artisanal. The enamel of the pot is sturdy and lustrous. Also, it has a stainless steel stand base, metal color-coded forks. You can use it methanol or stereo.

We tried it with cheese and chocolate fondue; the amount of the heat was just right. The size of the set is 7×13.2×7.2 inches and weighs 6.85 lbs. For personal or commercial use in party events or restaurants, this one is a much more convenient yet affordable option to choose.


  • Nonstick pot easy to clean.
  • Six stainless steel color-coded fondue forks.
  • Usable for induction cooktop.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Two color options- red and white.
  • Affordable price. 

  • The fork handles are not heat resistant, so need to handle carefully. 


How to Choose the Best Fondue Pot

Some elements those are easy to recognize in the best kind of fondue pots. Here are some facts about how to choose the best fondue set. Have a look below.

  • Types

For cheese and chocolate fondue look for ceramic or porcelain pot set. These pots offer nonstick surface make the cooking and cleaning easy. And also they keep warm for a long time.

Metallic pots are ideal for oil and broth fondue. The post is apt to heat up quickly and also simple to clean.

If you want an all-purpose serve fondue to look for a set with interchangeable pots like a ceramic, metal, etc. pot with the same burner.

Is it for indoor or outdoor?

If you want fondue for a family gathering or party which mostly stays in your yard then go for a burner, candle typeset. The electric fondue set is best for indoor use.

  • Quantity & Capacity

For small family gatherings, go for a set with 3-6 cups of capacity. For a big party, you may need multiple fondues set with the same size or more.

The forks are fixed with the set. So you have to decide how many people you are going to serve and select the model. However, you have always the option to use some backup forks with the set’s forks from the kitchen in emergencies.

  • Price

Mostly fondue-sets are very affordable and come with all budget range. We would suggest you keep the budget in 20-50 dollars if it’s your first time.

How to Use

Using a fondue set is just a piece of cake. Anybody, even a child can do that. Here are some simple tips for using fondue for melting different types of food and eat them. Read on,

  • Ready the Burner & Other Things

There are lots of heating elements available to heat the fondue pot. Usually, the set could include gel fuel, liquid fuel, electric heater, etc. If the set has built-in electrical heater than all you need to on the switch and set the temp for melting cheese, chocolate, etc. for rest option light the lamp and let the pot warm.

Not take a plate puts the foods like bread, cake, fruits and other things that you are going to dip into. Also, keep the forks on the plate after cleaning and drying them.

  • Prepare the Pot

Prepare your ceramic, nonstick metal pot for adding main ingredients to the cheese or chocolate.

Preparation for the dipping

Cheese Fondue- If you are preparing for cheese fondue, take half pieces of garlic clove and rub it on the cleaned and dry pot. It will add flavor in your cheese.

Preheat the pot and finely shred the cheese on it using a shredder. Allow to melt them slowly.

You can add some alcohol like beer, wine or champagne into the melted cheese to enhance the flavor. It will also prevent cuddling. If the fondue starts the cradling at some point and you don’t want to add alcohol lime juice is a great substitute. When adding one of the makes sure to stir all the ingredients with a wooden spoon.

Pro tips- always stir the cheese fondue in figure-eights. Do not use water to make it light. Instead of that, use apple cider vinegar.

Chocolate Fondue- Use shredder for chocolate as well. If you are using white chocolate, don’t overheat that, otherwise the fondue will harden. There is no need for adding extra ingredients for chocolate fondue.

Pro tips- Use the chocolate with 50% cocoa solid for fondue. The higher the cocoa solid is, the better your fondue test.

Oil/broth Fondue- For this one, you need a fondue set that could reach around 375 degrees F. you can use vegetable oil, peanut, canola, etc. oil for the cook, vegetable, seafood, and meat. You need to cut all of them in a cube or bite-size and wash them thoroughly. If marination is needed, marinate them for at least 20-min and freeze them until serve. Do not use danced or big chinks because they will need time to cook. Also, dry the raw vegetables/meat/fish using a paper towel to avoid splattering. If you are using shrimp, deveined it.

Pro tips- Use a thermometer to check the oil temp. Don’t leave your oil fondue unattended. Also, fill up the one-third of the fondue pot to warm the oil.

Broth Fondue- replaces the cooked broth from pot to fondue. Try to match the combination like beef broth for beef fondue.

Clean and Take Care Fondue Pot

Marinating a fondue pot set is easy once you know how to utilize that. Read on to learn them.


  • Always use a soft sponge for cleaning. Avoid any abrasive sponge, harsh chemicals to keep the beauty.
  • If anything burns, let the pot cool and then add warm water. Soak it for 15 min adding liquid soap. After that gently scrub it.
  • Always dry the pot before the store. Never use a wet pot for preparing fondue.


  • Do not run water into the hot fondue ceramic/porcelain pot. Wait for until cool it down.
  • Never use your stoves for preheating the fondue. But you can use the microwave for that before place it on the burner.
  • Use splatter guard on your fondue pot. Don’t dip the fork into hot fondue. Don’t try to replace a hot fondue or burner one place to another. Also, don’t try to add/change the fuel when it’s hot.


Q: What Is The Best Fondue Set For Home Use?

A: There are different Fondue Pot Set available in the market for home use. You can get any of them depends on your needs and budget. However, we would like to recommend the Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker. This is a non-stick fondue maker that comes with an essential fork and easy to use features. As the pot dishwasher safe, so you can also easily clean it after each use. And the size is also compact as well as the price is reasonable.

Q: Can I Make Cheese Fondue In A Chocolate Fondue Set?

A: Yes. But it depends on several facts like fondue set, heating feature, fondue thickness and much more.

Q: What Is The Main Difference Between Cheese and Chocolate Fondue Set?

A: The main difference between Cheese and Chocolate Fondue Set is Temperature Limit. The cheese fondue has a higher temperature limit than the chocolate fondue set. And almost all cheese fondue set comes with an alcohol or fuel burner that can generate high heat.

Q: How To Melt Chocolate In A Fondue Pot?

A: This is an easy process. Please check the video below.

Final Words

Our top pick for all-purpose serve fondue set is for Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker. It’s versatile, durable, and affordable. Also, the set is suitable for cheese, chocolate, etc.

But we can’t resist the Artesia Electric Ceramic Fondue Set. It was a beautiful fondue set with all the features and facilities. The traditional dessert and salty fondue can be prepared in it. If your budget is extendable, you should go for this Best Fondue Pot Set.

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