Broiler pan vs roasting pan, both of them are common kitchen utensils used in most of the modern kitchen. These pans come with various similar features which make it difficult to choose a pan between them. For example, they are used to cook foods at higher temperatures in the oven. You can cook the same food items such as meat, turkey, poultry, seafood, or different types of vegetables using these pans.Broiler Pan Vs Roasting Pan

Even though they have several similarities between them, still they’re different from each other in various ways. However, if you’re want to purchase a pan between them but confused to select, then this post is for you. In this below post, you’ll get a side by side comparison of these cooking tools. Hopefully, this post will help you to choose your need one. So let’s begin it.

Broiler PanBroiler Pan

A broiler pan is also known as an oven roaster, oven broiling pan, or broiler roaster. This piece of the cooking utensil is mainly used for broiling various foods in the oven such as steaks, roasts, poultry, different types of fruits, and vegetables.

It is usually constructed of heavy gauge steel or stainless steel with a black porcelain enamel coating. Most broiler pans consist of two sections; an upper cooking surface and a low-walled pan section. This kind of pans can be sized to fit a variety of ovens and also a variety of various cooking tasks.

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Roasting PanRoasting Pan

A roasting pan is basically a high-walled, oven-safe pan used for roasting foods in an electric or conventional gas oven. These pans are most commonly used to cook large cuts of meat like a whole turkey or vegetables at higher temperatures.

The best roasting pans are usually made of strong metals such as cast iron, carbon steel, or stainless steel that conducts heat very well. Moreover, a roasting pan isn’t just for an occasion or holiday season, you can use it anytime for preparing your favorite items.

Broiler Pan Vs Roasting Pan| Differences and Similarities

Roasting pan vs broiling pan, both of them are very similar types of cookware but they specialize differently. In this section, I’d like to share the differences between these cookware items. Let’s check it out to get more.

Design and Construction

The main difference between broiler and roasting pan lies in their design and construction. Broiler pans are generally shallower than the roasting pans and come in two separate parts. It contains a slotted upper pan and a lower pan which is also called a drip pan. It allows foods to cook more rapidly and also allows drippings from food to drain onto the drip pan.

Roasting pans, on the other hand, single deep that often comes with a metal rack used for elevating the meat. When compared to the depths of both pans, a roasting pan is deeper than the broiler pan.


Both broiler and roasting pans are made out of similar materials. It includes stainless steel, anodized aluminum, although other materials like cast iron, enamelware, and copper.

However, if you’re looking for a disposal broiler or roasting pan, you can go with the one made of Aluminum foil. Some pans especially the stainless steel one come with a nonstick coating that helps to cook foods effortlessly.

Dimensions and Measurement

When choosing a pan, dimensions are one of the most important things you should consider to avoid further disappointment. Both broiling and roasting pans come in different sizes and shapes.

The size of a roasting pan starts from 8-9 inches and goes up to 21 inches and above. On the other side, the size of broiler pans starts from 10-11 inches and ranges like a roasting pan.

Heat Source

Another important difference between these similar types of pans in the direction of the heat source in the oven. A broiler pan mainly cooks food under extremely high temperatures with the heat passes from the top of the oven. Roasting pans are also designed for high heat temperatures but heat is directed from the bottom of the oven.


Roasting pan vs broiler pan, both of these types of pans can be used for cooking meat, seafood, vegetables, etc. Roasting pans allow the food to stay in a juicy condition while a broiler pan let the meat to drain of its extra fat. Roasting pans generally cook meat slowly to keep the meat juicy and tender.


It’s very important to consider the price when you’re choosing a pan between broiler and roasting pan. Both roasting and broiler pans are available at a reasonable price. There is a minor difference in the price of these pans.

The price range of a roasting pan start from $20 and ends at around $200. Broiler pans, on the other hand, start from a very reasonable price range, which is $15 and ends around $150.

Final Words

Both broiler pan vs roasting pan have their specialties and also own uses. Before you buy a pan between them, check the features they have. This will help you to find out what exactly you want to get. There’s another fact that you should consider before you select one of them, the cleaning process of these pans. Compared to a roasting pan, broiler pans are difficult to clean because of the fat deposition. Roasting pans on the other side, are easier to clean since most of them are dishwasher safe.

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