Using a rice cooker is an easy and effective way to cook rice and vegetables. This useful appliance comes with an automatic timer that goes off when the rice is ready. So there is no need to watch the cooker while cooking. Among the other cookers, the Oster rice cooker steamer is simple and cheap that you can afford easily. If you are confused and want to know how it works, however, this is the right place for you. Here I’ll share How to Use Oster Rice Cooker properly so that you can minimize the chance of burnt rice and ruined pots.How to Use Oster Rice Cooker

How to Use Oster Rice Cooker for Easy Cooking and Cleaning

Oster rice cooker works great for cooking or steaming both the rice and vegetable. You can follow these Oster rice cooker instructions in order to get the best benefits of your rice cooker.

Cooking Rice in Oster Rice Cooker

There is a step by step instruction on how to cook rice in an Oster rice cooker. You can cook rice easily with the following Oster rice cooker directions right below.

Things That You Will Need

  • Rice
  • Water
  • Measuring cup and
  • Spatula or spoon

Measure the Rice and Put it into your Cooking Pot

Pour one cup of raw rice into the inner pot for every two cups of cooked rice you wish to make. Use the Oster rice cooker measuring cup instead of using a regular measuring cup. It is important to put at least 2 cups of raw rice into the cooker to operate properly. This will make four cups of cooked rice for you. Oster rice cooker pricing

Rinse the Rice if Needed

Many people prefer to rinse the rice in order to remove any pesticides or herbicides that may be present. If you want to rinse the rice, pour cold water into the bowl or hold it under the faucet. Stir as you add the water until the rice is completely plunged. Drain water through a strainer slowly while catching fallen rice grains with your hand. Rinse the rice a second or third time until new water added looks relatively clear. Oster rice cooker pricing

Add Enough Amount of Water

Add the correct amount of water to the rice using the measuring cup included with the rice cooker. Add 1½ cups of pure cold water for each cup of raw rice. Keep in mind, different kinds of rice require different amounts of water. For instance, soft, long-grain rice, the oriental variety, requires twice as much water as raw rice. Basmati rice requires 1½-cups of water per cup of rice, and brown rice requires 2-cups plus 2-tablespoon, of water for each cup of raw rice. However, if you want stickier rice, use a little more water, and use a little less for fluffier steamed rice. Oster rice cooker pricing

Place the Inner Pot Properly

Place the inner pot properly inside the heating body, the main part of the Oster rice cooker. The cooking pot inside the rice cooker must be in contact with the heating component. You can also check the Oster rice cooker manual to know how to place the pot in the right way.

Close the Lid and Turn on the Cooker

Close the lid of the rice cooker and lock it, so that steam doesn’t escape. Plug the cord into an electrical outlet and press the switch to turn it on. The red cooking light will come on if your cooker is properly plugged in and locked.

Keep the Rice Warm

When the cooking process is complete, your Oster rice cooker will switch to warming mode automatically. This will keep the rice at the perfect temperature for mealtime. The rice will be warmed until you unplug the rice cooker. Oster rice cooker pricing

Allow the Rice to Rest

The great thing about the Oster rice cookers is they are fast. It should only take around 15 minutes to cook most rice. When your cooking is done, leave the rice to rest for several minutes before opening the cooker. This will help to soften the rice. Oster rice cooker pricing

Serve the Rice once your Cooking is done

Fluff the rice with the spatula included with the rice cooker before serving. It will help to break up clumps and release steam, preventing the rice from overcooking. Additionally, if you want softer rice, allow the rice to soak in the inner pot for 15-20 minutes before cooking.

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Steaming Vegetables in Oster Rice Cooker

Steaming Vegetables in Oster Rice Cooker

You can use the upper steamer tray to prepare steamed vegetables. It is easy to steam vegetables with an Oster rice cooker with the following steps. Oster rice cooker pricing

  • Fill the inner pot of your rice cooker with the correct amount of water. Use 1/3 cup of water for 10 ounces of green beans, broccoli, corn, peas or mixed vegetables. Eight ounces of sliced carrots or cauliflower and 5 ounces of spinach also require 1/3 cup of water.
  • Place the inner pot with water into the cooker body. Make sure that the inner pot is directly touching the heating plate inside the cooker. Peel and cut vegetables into small pieces and place them into the heating or steaming tray. Next, place the tray on the top of the inner pot and cover it with a lid.
  • Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet and turn your rice cooker on. Normally, vegetables such as green beans, broccoli, corn, peas, and carrots cook in about 30 to 35 minutes. Except for corn, it requires around 40 minutes and spinach that takes 30 to 40 minutes.
  • When all of the water has dissolved, the cooker will switch to “Keep Warm” automatically.
  • Once the vegetables are steamed completely, remove the tray from the cooker, and disconnect the plug from the wall.
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Cleaning and Maintaining the Oster Rice Cooker

There are some most useful tips for cleaning and maintain your Oster rice cooker right below. Keep reading to know more.

  • It is necessary to unplug the cooker and let it cool completely before cleaning.
  • Never put the heating component of the rice cooker into the water.
  • Do not use scouring pads or other abrasive cleaners on the cooker.
  • The inner pot and steamer of the cooker can be washed in the upper rack of a dishwasher.
  • Wipe down the exterior of the cooker with a moist sponge and dry thoroughly.
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Final Verdict

In conclusion, you can cook any kind of rice you want with your Oster rice cooker. The ratio of the water to the rice will remain the same and the sensors will still detect when the rice is completely cooked. One more thing, when lifting the lid of your cooker, watch out for escaping steam. It will be very hot, so you should be careful about your safety.

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