Woks are widely popular cooking vessels that work great to cook different kinds of delicious foods. They come in a unique shape that allows for maximizing and accurate distribution of heat. Cooking with a wok is healthier due to their high-heat retention ability compare to a traditional frying pan.

Can You Use a Wok on an Electric Stove

Moreover, they require a very little amount of oil for making healthy recipes. But most of the wok comes with round bottom and larger shape than general pots and pans. So if you are using the electric stove in your kitchen, you may think about “Can You Use a Wok on an Electric Stove?” Fortunately, you can use a wok on your Electric stove with some simple adjustments. In this post, I’d like to share everything in detail that you ever need to know on “how to use a wok on an electric stove”. So, let’s begin it.

An Essential Guide on Using Wok on Electric Stove

It is quite possible to use a wok to cook your favorite dishes on an electric stove. There are mainly two different types of Wok available in the Market. The Round Bottom Wok and Flat-Bottom Wok. Some flat-bottom wok is also specially designed to use on the electric or ceramic stove. They are also well-known as Wok for Electric Stove.  However, for the best result, you just need to make some balance while cooking with a round bottom wok. Let’s follow these easy steps right below to cook your favorite items using a traditional wok on your electric stove.


First of all, you need a wok ring for the electric stove which will give your round-bottomed wok better compatibility with your electric stove. This metal ring works great as a stand for wok and helps to concentrate the heat to the bottom. Now place the wok ring over the stovetop with the wider part of the ring pointing up. Ensure that your wok ring is not too small or too large as it should cover the burner closely. The wok bottom should be lifted from the burner by about ½ to 1 inch.

using wok on electric stove with wok ring


Allow your wok to preheat on the stove for at least 10 minutes before adding food ingredients or oil for cooking with wok on the electric stove. You should wait until the wok giving the smoke off.


Add enough amount of cold oil according to your recipe and whirl it around to coat the inside of the wok. When the oil is hot, now you can add ingredients as usual according to your recipe and stir fry.

How to Use a Wok Ring?

It’s easy to use a wok ring on an electric stove or glass top stove. You don’t need to install or configure anything besides the ring. Just place the wok ring on the electric stove burner area. You can set the wider part or opposite part of the ring pointing to the stove. Just make sure that you are using the right size of the wok ring according to your wok bottom dimension. It’s important to keep a little space between the wok bottom and the burner.

Can You Use a Wok on a Glass Top Stove?

Yes, you can use a wok on a glass top stove using a wok ring by following the above process. Glass top stove and electric stove both are flat, so you will need an extra wok ring to use a wok on the glass top stove.

How to Season a Wok on an Electric Stove

It is important to season your wok before you use it for the first time for cooking. Because wok comes with factory oil coating which is done in the making process to prevent the pan from rusting. So let’s check these following steps to season your wok on the electric stove properly.

  • At first scrub your wok with a stainless steel scrubber and warm soapy water.
  • Place the pan over the stove and let it dry with medium-high heat on your Electric Stove.
  • Add 2 or 3 tablespoons of high smoking point oil to the wok to make a thin coating inside of the wok. You can use any oil like peanut, sesame, canola, or chili. Spread the oil using a wok spatula or moving the wok around.
  • Allow your wok to dry and the thin layer of oil will harden on the wok surface.

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Things you need to Consider When Choosing Wok for Electric Glass Top Stove

Some most important points need to be considered while choosing a wok for glass top stove or electric stove. Read on to know more.

  • Material

Woks come in different kinds of materials including carbon steel and cast iron. Carbon steel, however, is certainly the better option for using on your Electric Stovetop. Compared to cast iron, carbon steel transfers the heat of the Electric Stove better and faster. However, it may need more than one seasoning treatment to enhance its durability and lifespan.

  • Size

The size of wok depends on some specific points such as your preference, how often you’ll be using it, types of cooktop, etc. usually, woks come in 10-inch to 14-inch in size. However, a flat-bottomed wok with 5-inch on the bottom is perfect for cooking on an Electric top stove.

  • Shape

The shape of the wok is another most important thing that you need to consider when buying a wok for your Electric Cooktop. A round-bottomed can be great for mixing but also may hamper the heat from spreading all parts of the pan. On the other hand, if your wok is flat-bottomed or too shallow, you might lose the mixing and tossing ingredients.

  • Flat or Round-Bottomed Wok

For electric stovetop, flat-bottomed woks are the best option. Compared to round-bottomed woks, flat-bottomed woks work more favorable on the Electric Cooktop. This sort of woks easily gets contacted electric heating components without any problem.

A completely round-bottomed wok will not as compatible as flat-bottomed ones on this surface. Since the round bottom doesn’t allow for stability, it’ll not work properly on the Electric Stove. However, you can use a wok ring stand for compatibility and even distribution of heat to the bottom.

  • Non-stick or Seasoned Wok

Like cast iron, carbon steel can also be seasoned with oil which creates a natural non-stick coating. This natural non-stick coating will develop with every use and make your cooking healthier. However, many woks featured with a non-stick cooking surface which is very easy to clean and keeps food sliding over the surface.

  • Handle

Usually, woks either come with two small metallic loop type handles or one small handle and a long wooden one. These stay-cool and convenient handle will let you cook without burning your hands. If you want to be able to easily lift your pan without using a potholder, the wooden handle is the best option for you.

Final Words

In conclusion, as I mentioned earlier, a flat-bottomed wok is an ideal choice for the Electric Stove. However, if you already have a round-bottomed wok in your kitchen, you can also use it on your Induction or Eclectic Cooktop. All you just need to buy is a ring stand and place it properly over your burner. And also you need the answer to the question “Can You Use a Wok on an Electric Stove?” Additionally, if you’re using a flat-bottomed wok it’s best to use a wooden spoon instead of using a wok shovel.

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