At present, lots of people like to use the deep fryer to make different types of delicious meals. You can make fried chicken, France fries, or golden fried fish easily at your home with the deep fryer. Moreover, deep-fried foods make tasty treats for special occasions and parties. However, it’s important to know How to Clean Deep Fryer properly to ensure proper maintenance. To avoid any difficult build-up of your deep fryer it is necessary to clean it frequently. In this post, you will get a step-by-step guide to clean the deep fryer effortlessly. Hope this guide will help you to clean your fryer properly without any fear.How to Clean Deep Fryer

How to Clean Deep Fryer Properly

Always try to keep clean your deep fryer in order to keep it in good working condition. There are some easiest and most effective ways to clean the deep fryer properly just below.

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Unplug the Fryer and Let it Cool Completely

Before starting the cleaning process of the deep fryer unplugs the fryer from the power connection. It is necessary to ensure your safety and to avoid any unexpected danger. Never start to clean your deep fryer when it is still plugged in. If the fryer was recently in use let it cool for around two hours before cleaning. Furthermore, never put water or any mixture to a container of hot oil, it could explore.

Pour Out All the Used Oil From the Deep Fryer

If the used oil can use for another time, pour it into a food-safe container after cooling it completely. Seal the container with a lid and store it in a cool and safe place. Or if the oil smelled bad that means you cannot use it again, it would be better to throw it away in a sealed container. Do not put the oil down in your sink it can block the drain.

Remove the Frying Basket and Put it in the Sink

Take out the basket of the fryer and place it in the sink. You can use mild dishwashing detergent to clean the frying basket. Put 2 or 3 drops of the dishwasher and leave it for later cleaning.

Clean Oil Residue from the Pot and Lid

Use a damp paper towel or soft sponge to clean the remaining oil or food from the inside of the fryer. Or you can use a plastic spatula to remove any stuck-on food particles from the fryer. A stiff plastic spatula will help you to scrape off the remaining oil without damaging your fryer.

Wipe Off the Heating Element of the Fryer

Most of the deep fryers have a heating material made of a pair of metal rods. If these metal rods are covered in oily residue, wipe them off with a paper towel. Be sure that not to bend any parts during wiping, especially if there are thin wires. Some models of the deep fryer have removal heating materials for easy cleaning. Check the manual description of your deep fryer to see if yours has this feature.

Soak the Fryer with Hot Water

After scrubbing the sides and bottom of the fryer, fill it with extremely hot water from the faucet. Leave the water to sit for at least 30 minutes. At this time you can move on to the next steps and clean other parts of the fryer. If the tap water is not that much hot you can bring water to boil in the fryer. Boil the water for several minutes if there is any difficult oil residue on the fryer. After that unplug the fryer and let the water for 30 minutes to cool.

Dump out the Warm water and Clean the Basket by wiping back and forth

When the deep fryer is soaking, clean the frying basket. Run the warm water over the basket and clean it by wiping back and forth. You can use a tooth-brush to make a scrub to remove food particles from the frying basket. Once you remove all the particles rinse it thoroughly to remove the remaining soap. If the basket still feels greasy you can add additional dish soap to scrub it again.

Clean the Dirty Filters on the Fryer Lid

Check the manufacturer’s instruction to ensure that the filters of the fryer are removable or not. If the filters of your deep fryer are removable you can clean them easily. You can use warm, soapy water to wash foam grease-filters. Moreover, charcoal odor-filters are not washable and they need to replace once they become dirty. If your filters are not removable, you cannot sink the lid in water. Wipe it down with a damp cloth with a little detergent. Now use a plain wet cloth to remove the detergent and oil.

Wash the Cooking Pot of the Fryer

Now return to the cooking pot and give it a complete and final wash. Pour half of the water out into the sink and make a scrub with a sponge pad. Scrub gently the sides and the bottom of the cooking pot with the remaining water. Once you have complete scrubbing pour the remaining water down into the sink as well. Add clean water and swirl it with your hand pick up all soap particles from the sides and base. Drain the water out and repeat this step once again to remove soap residue completely.

Use Baking Soda Solution to Clean Caked-on Oil Remains

If some sticky layer still hasn’t been removed you can use a baking soda solution to remove it completely. Mix a little amount of baking soda with warm water to make a thick paste. Put the paste on to a sponge and make a scrub with it on the stubborn area with a circular motion. Continue the process until the sticky layer removed completely. Rinse your fryer with water several times to remove any pieces of baking soda from the fryer.

Apply Vinegar to Clean Caked-on Grease from the Fryer

Apply Vinegar to Clean Caked-on Grease from the FryerYou can apply compounded vinegar to clean caked-on grease from the deep fryer. Use a paper towel to wipe off any remaining caked-on grease from the interior or exterior of the fryer. Place the fryer on the sink or basket with warm soapy water. Make a mixture of white vinegar and water, add 1/2 cup of vinegar for every quart of water. Leave the fryer for about 15 minutes to soak. Use a soft sponge pad or a soft-bristle brush to make a scrub. Once all the greases are clean off, rinse the fryer with warm water.

Let the Fryer to Dry Completely

Wipe the outside of the fryer with a paper towel to dry it properly and let the inside air dry. There is another option to dry it, put down some paper towel, and place the fryer down so it can air dry. Allow the fryer to dry completely, wait long enough time for your fryer to dry it properly.  Wipe off all the parts of the fryer with a paper towel thoroughly to make sure it is completely dry.

Final Words

In conclusion, cleaning a deep fryer is not so much tough. You can clean it easily by following the processes that I’ve listed above the post. This guide for How to Clean Deep Fryer will help you to clean any caked-on grease easily from your fryer. One more thing for you, check the manufacturer’s instructions before starting the cleaning process. Because different types of models of the fryer have different rules to clean and maintain. So make it sure that you’ve followed the proper rules to clean your deep fryer.

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