People have been using Magnalite cookware since 1930. And it is still popular today. The heat conduction capability of this cookware is exceptionally excellent. This is the reason people love it. As far I guess, you also, don’t you?How to Clean Magnalite Pots and Pans Easily

However, though the cookware is popular and widely used, many of us don’t know actually how to clean Magnalite pots and pans. Definitely, you have been cleaning that cookware but do you know is it right the way you clean those? Let’s learn the proper way of cleaning Magnalite cookware with us. Magnalite pricing.

How to Clean Magnalite Pots and Pans

If you just use a pot once for any purpose, you should clean it thoroughly. And you also know cleaning after every use is really mandatory for proper care. Well, before getting started the cleaning process, you will need to have the following things.

  • Warm water (No need boiling temperature).
  • Regular dish soap.
  • Regular bleach.
  • Soft bristle toothbrush.
  • Sponge with no scrubber.

Step by Step Process on How to Clean Magnalite Cookware

  • Removing foodstuff and debris: This is the task that you need to do for all kinds of cookware. First of all, remove the remaining food (If have) and other visible large particles from the cookware. Then put it under the running water to wash away all the loosen stuff and debris. Magnalite pricing.
  • Apply dish soap: Apply dish soap everywhere the pans and pot. Carefully massage the soap on the cooking surface as the surface gets more dirt than the opposite. Then allow for a couple of minutes to sit. You should also confirm that the soap is safe for cookware. Just ensure it is made of no added chemicals.
  • Rub the cookware: Now take the soft toothbrush or sponge for rubbing it. Rub the cookware gently using any of the mentioned items. Rub until the debris comes off from it. Magnalite pricing.
  • It’s the time to soak: Generally, the cookware doesn’t have any dirt after rubbing. If there is any dirt anymore, it will be removed after soaking the pans and pot in the warm soapy water. Soak the items in warm soapy water for a few minutes.
  • Rinse the cookware instantly: Now rinse under running warm water. Yes, running water. If you hold the cookware under the running water, the water washes off the soap and all debris easily. Don’t wait a long time to rinse because the soap can affect the cookware it dries on it. Magnalite pricing.
  • Sanitize at last: In the last step, you are going to sanitize all your Magnalite cookware. Simply make a solution of warm water and unscented bleach. Use the regular bleach that you use commonly. Add only 2 teaspoon bleach into the warm water and stir to mix the bleach. Now, soak the cookware in the solution for about one minute. That’s all.

Restoring Magnalite Cookware

Can you restore the natural shine of the Magnalite cookware? The answer is simply yes. Happy? You already knew the Magnalite cookware cleaning process. At the same time, you should know how to restore Magnalite cookware as the may are discolored if the proper care is not taken. Let’s know how to do that! Magnalite pricing.

How to Restore Magnalite Cookware

  • Method 1

A wool pad and a little warm water are needed for restoring discoloration in this method. Just scrub the discolored areas with the wool pad. Then rinse under warm water. Hopefully, the stain will be removed. If it persists then go for the second method. Magnalite pricing.

  • Method 2

If the previous method fails, make a mixture of cream of tartar and water. Make the mixture just like a paste. Then scrub the paste thoroughly onto the discolored area and all over the surface. After scrubbing has finished, use warm water to rinse. Here, you also shouldn’t wait for a long as the paste may dry. Now check, and if the discoloration is not removed, follow the next.

  • Method 3

Does the stain persist still now? Don’t worry.

Pour 2 teaspoons of white vinegar to the cookware. Then fill it with warm water and boil the water on a stove. If the water starts boiling, stop the stove or remove the pan/pot from the stove. Wait until the water gains its normal temperature. Now check the pot/pan, it won’t have any stain or discoloration. Magnalite pricing.

  • Method 4

What will you do if all methods fail? If the stain is produced badly and chronically then all methods may fail. You may get many products in the local store or market that work as a cleanser and polisher. Using the items you can remove the stain and any discoloration though the stain is too tough and old. In the end, don’t forget to rinse the cookware after polishing.

Things to Remember

Definitely, the cleaning and restoring segments are the most important parts of this guide. But you shouldn’t avoid the few lines that are given below. Everybody should follow the following if they want to use the Magnalite pot and pan with care.

  • Washing after every use is mandatory.
  • Don’t cook the food items that are too acidic. Avoiding tomato-based items to cook is definitely a good thing for the Magnalite cookware.
  • Sanitize the cookware items once a week.
  • Never use such a thing to rub that may produce a scratch.
  • Wearing gloves is safe for you when you will go for working with bleach.
  • Don’t allow the pots and pans in the water to soak.
  • Don’t put them in the dishwasher.

Knowing How to Clean Magnalite Pots and Pans (Cookware Set) is not enough as a lack of proper care leads to losing durability and performance. You should use them with proper care and clean them in the right way as mentioned. And use such a way as you don’t need to restore Magnalite pans and pots often. Magnalite pricing.


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