Aroma rice cookers are versatile, multipurpose, and suitable for any kind of household kitchen. This cooker allows you to not only prepare rice but also steam your favorite vegetables, fish, poultry, or beef. Preparing rice or steamed vegetables with the Aroma cooker will free up time in the kitchen and allow you to attend to other activities. In this following post, you’ll get an ultimate guideline on How to Use Aroma Rice Cooker appropriately. Hopefully, all of these Aroma rice cooker instructions will help you to get the best advantages from the cooker.How to Use Aroma Rice Cooker

How to Use the Aroma Rice Cooker for Cooking Rice & Vegetables

Before you start cooking, check the Aroma rice cooker directions carefully that come with your Aroma rice cooker as the user manual guide. This will help you to make the best use of your appliance. However, keep reading this article to get more effective information.

How to Cook Rice in Aroma Rice Cooker?

Cooking rice in Aroma rice cooker is not that much difficult. With proper instruction, you can cook rice using a rice cooker easily without much trouble. There is a step by step instruction on how to cook rice in the Aroma rice cooker properly. Check this out to know more.

  • Step 1

Press the “lid release” button on the top of your Aroma rice cooker to open it. Ensure that the cooker is not connected to a power source. Remove the inner pot carefully from the cooker.

  • Step 2

Measure the specific amount of the rice with the measuring cup included with the Aroma cooker. Pour the rice into the inner container of the cooker.

Tips: You must measure rice and water using the Aroma rice cooker measuring cup. Otherwise, rice may not cooked proerly because of using the wrong measurement cup.

  • Step 3

To wash the rice, pour water over the rice and stir it around using your hand. Drain the water out and add more water, repeat the same process until the water becomes fairly clear.

  • Step 4

Fill the inner container of the cooker with the appropriate amount of water using the measuring cup. Different types of rice require a different ratio of water. And also rice cooker measurements may vary according to the model so it’s best to check the user manual to know the Aroma rice cooker water to rice ratio. Generally, long-grain brown rice requires more water than short-grain white rice.

Tips: Aroma Rice cooker rice to water ratio = 1 Cup Rice:1½ Cup Water. (This is a General Ratio for White Rice. This may vary depending on the rice cooker model or Origin of the rice).

  • Step 5

Now, place the inner pot properly and close the lid until you hear a click. Plug your Aroma cooker’s power cord into the power outlet and turn the cooker on.

  • Step 6

Press either the ‘White or Brown Rice” button, it depends on the kind of rice you are cooking. The cooking process will start instantly. When the cooking is complete, you’ll see the “Keep-Warm” switch displayed on the control panel. Allow the rice to remain on “Keep-Warm” for 5-10 minutes, this helps to soften the rice.

  • Step 7

Once your cooking is done, open the lid and serve the rice out of the inner pot. Now it’s time to enjoy your rice as your favorite side dish.

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Steaming Vegetables in Aroma Rice Cooker

Pour water into the inner pot of your Aroma rice cooker using the provided measuring cup. Different kinds of vegetables require a different amount of water. For example, asparagus, peas, spinach, squash, and zucchini require 1/2 cup of water for steaming. On the other hand, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, corn, and green beans need 1 cup of water. Aroma rice cookers.Cooking rice and vegetables in Aroma Rice Cooker

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Next, put the steam inside the cooker and place your favorite vegetables into it.

Turn off the lid and press the Steam or Cook button on the Aroma control panel. The cooker will start to steam the vegetables. Once steaming is done, “Keep-Warm” will display on the machine.

Different vegetables require a different period of time to steam. So it is best to check the Aroma professional rice cooker manual instruction to set the accurate cooking time for your vegetables. Aroma rice cookers

Remove the tray with vegetables when steaming is complete.

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Additional Tips and Tricks on How to Clean Aroma Rice Cooker

It is necessary to clean your Aroma rice cooker after each use in order to extend the lifetime of it. Here is a step by step guideline for you, so that you can clean your rice cooker effortlessly.Cleaning Aroma Rice Cooker

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  • Unplug the rice cooker from the wall and wait until it cools completely. Never submerge your cooker with plug electronics into the water, it will be ruined forever.
  • Remove the inner pot and clean it with warm soapy water, use a soft sponge pad to clean food residue. Rinse the pot until no soap remains and dry with a dishtowel.
  • Clean all the individual parts such as spatula, cups, lid inserts, and steamer tray with warm soapy water or the dishwasher.
  • Clean the heat component of your cooker when completely cooled. Be sure not to use spray cleaners. Simply wipe down with a soft damp cloth.
  • Wipe down the inside of the cooker with a moist sponge or dishcloth. Wipe the control panels as well as knobs. Never use abrasive scouring pads to clean your rice cooker.
  • Leave all the parts and the rice cooker air dry for a few hours too steamed before you use it again.
  • Aroma rice cookers

Final Words

When using an Aroma rice cooker, all you need to do is wash the rice, let it sit in water for a while, and put it in the cooker. There is no need to stir or monitor your rice while cooking. You don’t have to even reheat the rice because the Aroma digital rice cookers have a Keep warm function. This function helps to keep the rice warm until you unplug the device.

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