Is being traditional the only way you can achieve the best result?

We disagree!

Ramekin, a traditional baking dish, is a popular food container that’s used to serve yummy items like crème Brulee, custard, French onion soup, souffle etc.

As much as we love the convenience of having a ramekin right in front of our eyes when we need them, oftentimes, these little cups get lost in the clutter of other dishes!What Can I Use Instead of Ramekins

Would you buy another one in that case?

These bowls are a tad expensive (the good ones!) and you might not even find them at the local stores all the time!

Now you are wondering, “what can I use instead of ramekins”, right?

Rather than wasting your precious time to bust out the lost ramekin, today we are going to show you a few alternatives you can try instead!

These substitutes may not have the classic shape of a ramekin, but hey, when it comes to baking your favorite dishes, they do it with P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N!

What Does A Ramekin Look Like?

Before we introduce you to the substitutes, let’s get a clear idea of the original product first, shall we?Ramekins alternative

The word “Ramekin” has come from the French Ramequin, which is a small mold dish that was used to serve baked cheese or meat-based dishes in it.

Today, a ramekin is widely used for preparing individual-sized portions of delicious baked foods. From the French special crème Brulee to our favorite vanilla-flavored custard, you can make any small baking dish in it as long as you know the recipe!

Ramekins, or otherwise known as souffle dishes, are circular glazed dishes that can be used for holding dipping sauces and baking purposes. The classical ramekins come with a cylindrical shape that has a diameter of 3 to 4 inches.

The traditional containers are white in color and usually made of ceramic/porcelain to take the heat from the oven without cracking.

However, in recent times, you will find many variations that are made of glass/metal/steel materials with colorful options available for you to choose from.

Things That A Ramekins Alternative Should Have

Rummaging through your kitchen cabinet to find something like we described above?


You can’t just use any round dish you find in the cupboard for this!

So without any further ado, let’s give you some clue what to look for in a ramekin substitute dish.

  • Material

As ramekins are typically made of ceramic material, it’s best to find replacements that are made of the same components as well.

However, if you fail to find a ceramic dish, don’t fret. Any steel, aluminum, cast-iron or enameled cast-iron dish will do. Just make sure the container you use is oven-proof (Metal/Pyrex) and it should work just fine.

One Small Tip: Depending on what material you use, you may need to adjust the oven temperature a little instead of following the recipe instruction in this case.

  • Depth

Along with oven-proof characteristics, your souffle dish should come with deep sides to achieve the desired result.

Deep sides, especially straight ones, allow the souffle to rise properly. As a result, the dessert gets to cooked evenly from all sides to the center of the dish.

  • Shape

Do you remember how we described ramekins previously in this article?


Yes, ramekins are round in shape. And so your alternative option should be!

If you fail to find a round dish, then you can use an oval or square-shaped cookware as well. However, we recommend not using any rectangular pan for this purpose as that might not give a good result in the end.

What To Use Instead Of Ramekins For Your Favorite Recipes!

Depending on what type of dish you are making, the ramekin substitute you use may vary.

Below are the alternative options you can choose for some popular dishes that require a ramekin to cook in.

Ramekin Substitute For Souffle

For sweet or savory souffle servings, coffee mugs and teacups are the best go-to option for you.

The cups and mugs should be of medium to small sizes. The mugs can be made of any material as long as they are oven-proof. Before setting the souffle inside the oven, grease the inside of the mug well to have an easier time while serving the dish on the dinner table.

Ramekin Substitute For Crème Brulee

Crème Brulee is a French food item that requires a wide, shallow pan to cook properly. So, for baking creme brulee without ramekins, we recommend using a wide dish made of ceramic or glass material.

Using the wrong-sized dish, a deeper pan, for instance, will result in overcooked/undercooked crème Brulee. Also, avoid using metal pans for the best result.

Ramekin Substitute For Lava Cake

Making a chocolate lava cake from scratch and seeing that stream of hot chocolate ooze out is pure bliss!

To enjoy this delicious snack, you can use a muffin pan as an alternative. Muffin pans are a bit smaller than the ramekins. So, be ready to get 6 small lava cakes instead of 4 medium-sized ones with this option!

One small tip: To prevent the lava cakes from sticking to the bottom of the pan, dust the muffin pan with some cocoa powder before pouring the cake batter in it.

Ramekin Substitute For Pudding

Looking for ways to make individual-sized pudding portions for your guests tonight?

A half-pint canning jar should do the trick!

A glass jar can is able to withstand low oven temperature that’s needed to bake a pudding without a ramekin. In addition, the wide-mouthed jars also come with a lid to screw the jar tightly in case you want to store the leftovers.

Other Alternatives

Apart from these popular dishes, you can also use some of the alternatives listed below for ramekins.


The easiest way to substitute a ramekin is to use a mug that’s heat-resistant.

Medium or short mugs are the perfect size for serving mini souffle dishes. To resemble the looks of a ramekin, choose a white coffee cup for baking your favorite dessert. However, it’s best to avoid tall cups as they end up deflating the souffle most of the time.

You can also use small earthenware vessels for this purpose.

Oven-Safe Bowls

The second most available substitute is any oven-safe dish in your house.

Any large oven-safe bowls will do as well, especially if you are preparing food for a large gathering. We suggest glazing the bowl a bit before any pouring any mixture as that will help you lift off food easily.

Baking/Casserole Dish

A large casserole dish that’s flat and wide is perfect for baking desserts.

As these dishes are wider than a classic ramekin, you will need to adjust the measurement of your recipe accordingly.

If you are trying to make souffle in a casserole dish, then we suggest using the smaller ones that are around 6 to 8 inches in diameter. A large dish might make it difficult for the souffle to rise properly.

Jam Jars

Have an empty jam jar in your kitchen?

It can be the perfect replacement!

Small-sized jam jars are a suitable option for making baked items. The best thing about these jars is that they are inexpensive and can be found in your home most of the time.

Jars are particularly good options for making custards. You can use the same jar over and over again as long as they don’t get broken/damaged over time.

Custard Cup

Another replacement that works really well is a custard cup.

Custard cup is basically a small glass bowl that’s round in shape. Most cups have a smooth exterior. They come in various shapes and sizes and hold about 6-ounces of batter in it. Usually, custard cups are made of stoneware, oven-proof material, porcelain etc.

You can place these cups in a water bath to apply gentle heat to make delicate items like custard.

Wrapping it Up


Now there’s no excuse not to make that chocolate crème Brulee you love so much!

With so many ramekins substitute available just around the corner, you might have a hard time just choosing one. The trick is to understand your cooking process and what type of containers are most suited for that!

Also, instead of metal tins, try using containers that are made of glass, ceramic, or Pyrex for the best result. These alternative options can withstand oven temperature and keep your food’s flavor intact all at the same time.

Hopefully, our getaway options have brought a smile in your face and encouraged you to enjoy delicious foods while using things that are always available in your kitchen!

Till next time, stay simple, be kind and face another day with a beautiful smile!

Ramekins Substitutes

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