Broiling is a quick method of cooking in which food is cooked directly under high heat in the broiler oven. This cooking method is mainly used for meat, fish, and poultry, even though vegetables and fruits can also be broiled. In most cases, these delicious broiling recipes are best made with a quality broiler pan.Broiler Pan Substitute

But what to do if you don’t have a broiler pan or don’t want to use it? In this below article, I’d like to share a complete list of broiler pan substitute which are available and also reasonable in price. So, Let’s begin it.

Broiler Pan

A broiler pan is a vessel that is used for broiling foods like steaks, roasts, vegetables, and much more inside the oven. It is usually square in shape and features a slate that circulates air so that your food is cooked perfectly. It is typically made of strong material like heavy gauge steel or stainless steel that makes the pan more durable.

The pan has two sections; a deep lower-dip section and a shallow upper-slotted pan. Broiler pans are available at a reasonable price so you can purchase your broiler pan from your nearest food and gourmet stores.

Essential Tips to Keep in Mind when Using a Broiler Pan

There are some most important tips to remember when you’re using a broiler pan for cooking. So, let’s check this following list to know more.

  • It’s always not recommended to preheat your broiler pan before start cooking. But you can preheat the pan for some recipes, put it in your preheated oven and wait for a while. This simple method will help you to sear your food evenly and also lock the food in the flavors.
  • Use non-stick spray or oil to lubricate your pan before adding the food to it. This will help you to lubricate the pan and to lift your food easily when it’s done cooking.
  • For even cooking and browning, arrange the ingredients in a single layer and spread them out on the surface. It’s very important to make sure that every single piece of your food is exposed to the heating element.
  • Remember to keep a close watch to your food as it broils to ensure that it doesn’t start smoking or get burnt.
  • There is another most important thing to note that you must not broil food ingredients for more than 10 minutes. Because long time broiler cooking could result in a burnt finished product or a fire in the most awful situation.

An Ultimate List of Perfect Broiler Pan Substitute

If your recipe calls for a broiler pan and you don’t have one, there’re several options you can use as a broiler pan alternative. There is a complete list of substitutes for the broiler pan just below. Check it out to find out your preferable one.

Roasting Pan

Roasting Pan - substitute for broiler pan

A roasting pan is definitely the best option that you can choose as a perfect alternative to a broiler pan. This large deep pot can be used for roasting meat or meatballs in the oven. Usually, a roasting pan is made of cast iron, hard-anodized aluminum, stainless steel, or enameled steel and these materials can withstand extremely high heat temperatures. Its heavy material conducts and holds heat for a long time that helps to cook meat and meatballs evenly.

Moreover, roasting pans are the most common tools that can be found in many household kitchens. So, you may not be needed to spend extra money to buy an additional pan for broiling. Chances are you already have this kind of pan in your kitchen storage.

Cast Iron Pan/Skillet

Cast Iron Pan/Skillet - broiler pan substitute for steak

Cast iron pan or skillet is another great option that you can select for broiling food in the oven. It has gained huge popularity because of its perfect heat conductivity and even heat distribution ability. Once the pan is exposed to heat, it spreads heat evenly to most parts of its body. As a result, the food gets cooked perfectly both inside and outside.

However, if you’re looking for an ideal option for broiling at a reasonable price, cast iron cookware should come first. Its high heat conductivity and durability will never let you down.

Baking Tray

Baking Tray

Another best substitute option of our list is a baking tray that you can use if you don’t have a broiler pan. However, it’s very important to make sure that your baking tray is capable to withstand high temperature. It’s also recommended to check the manufacturer’s instructions before you decide to put the pan in your broiler oven.

Aluminum Foil Tray

Aluminum Foil Tray - broiler pan alternativeThis substitute comes handy when there’s no other option available for you. The aluminum foil tray has some most important advantages over the remaining alternatives of this list. For intense, it comes at a dirt-cheap price and also very easy to find. Its effortless cleaning method will save your valuable time during cooking.

Moreover, you can also use an aluminum foil tray as a broiler pan substitute for steak. However, aluminum foil tray is disposal so it’s safe for humans as well as the Environment. Its high heat conductivity gives you chance to heat your food the fastest way possible.

Important Things you need to Keep in Mind when using Broiler Pan Alternatives

Now you know the substitute options of Broiler pan that you can use for broiling your favorite dishes. However, there’re some important things that you need to remember while using these broiler pan alternatives. So, let’s keep scrolling to know more.

  • Line the bottom of the pan with vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions, or turnips. Then place the meat or fish on top of the vegetables, and keep it in the preheated oven carefully.
  • If you’re using a roasting pan for broiling, make sure that you cover your foods during cooking.
  • Cast iron cookware is ideal for those who are concern about their health and looking for something with natural material.
  • When you’re using the baking tray for broiling, brush your pan and the cooling rack with high smoke-pointed oil.

Final Words

Broiling is a healthy cooking method as it reduces fats from food while cooking. It is also a great way to get the perfect sear on your meats, fish, or vegetables. However, if you’re broiling in a gas oven ensure that you’re using the right piece of cookware. It’s also recommended to check the manual so that the juices or greases don’t fall on the gas flame. Moreover, avoid glass cookware for broiling as glass isn’t compatible with high temperature.

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