After making different dishes I want to bake some cake and bread in my rice cooker. I want to see how effective a rice cooker is for baking. And in my little experience, you can bake some basic bread and cake in the rice cooker. If you can follow the proper cooking time, you will get an amazing baking experience with a rice cooker, however, today I’m going to make rice cooker banana bread.

Rice Cooker Banana Bread Recipe

This is my 1st attempt of baking in my rice cooker. So I burnt the bottom portion of the bread. But you don’t need to worry, if you follow my instruction below, you will get a perfect rice cooker baked banana bread.

Steps to Make Rice Cooker Banana Bread

This is a basic banana bread that I bake using my rice cooker. So I tried to keep basic and simple ingredients so that everyone can make and taste them.

However, for making the rice cooker banana bread, first, you need to make the bread batter. First, mash the ripe banana in a mixing bowl and then add other ingredients like eggs, melted butter, vanilla essence, sugar and milk.

rice cooker banana bread batter

Mix them well and then add AP Flour, baking powder and baking soda. Mix the batter well but don’t overmix. You can skip the baking soda if don’t like it. However, to make the bread flavorful, you can add sliced/chopped nuts and risings.

After that, grease some oil in the rice cooker pot and add baking paper. (If your rice cooker inner pot is fully nonstick, then you can skip baking paper. But still adding baking paper will release the baked bread easily and also keep the bread safe from burning).

banana bread in rice cooker

Now transfer the batter into the rice cooker pot and then place the rice cooker pot into the rice cooker. Turn on the rice cooker to start baking.

Depending on your rice cooker power and size, you will need to bake for 45-60 minutes. Even you may need less than 45 minutes (roughly 25-30 minutes) if your rice cooker power is good enough to heat up faster and evenly. However, after turning on the rice cooker, it will go to the Keep Warm Mode automatically after 4-5 minutes. So you will need to turn on the rice cooker again. But you will need to follow a cooking cycle.

You may need 2-4 cooking cycles to bake the banana bread. Each cooking cycle contains 3-5 minutes Cook and 12-15 minutes keep Warm Mode. If you follow this cooking cycle, you will get perfectly baked banana bread.

Final Words

Baking in the rice cooker is not a complicated job, but it’s not easy too. The most important thing is timing. You must follow the proper timing to bake cake or bread in a rice cooker. Hope you enjoy this rice cooker banana bread recipe and will try it at home. Don’t forget to let me know by using hashtag #cookwareninja or mentioning using @cookwareninja on social media if you try this bread recipe.


Problem: After 1st or 2nd cooking cycle, I can’t turn on my rice cooker. Whenever I turn on the cooker, it goes to the keep warm mode automatically.

Solution: That means your rice cooker is heated enough for baking. You will no longer need to turn on the cooker, keep it in the Warm Mode until baking is done.

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